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  1. Dude don't get me wrong, I found it funny - hell I was smiling as I was writing my post, even felt a little guilty because I was smiling :D . And whilst you're absolutely right in saying that we shouldn't put our life on hold or take things so seriously, for some people who have been struggling with acne for a long time - it can be a hard task to manage.
  2. Yeah I hear what you're saying, I don't understand why acne is like this big thing that we should be ashamed of...
  3. intergalactic

    Called in sick today...

    Free?!? darn! How does that work? Does it depend on your insurance??
  4. intergalactic

    Called in sick today...

    In Aus it costs around $140 to see a derm but you can claim half of it back from Medicare....My 1st visit only cost me $70 and i got $60 back which was prety cool Where abouts in Aus are you?? cool, cheers for that! I have some days off coming up, I think it's time I paid them a visit ! I am in sunny ol' Canberra! A politician's paradise...hmmmm... Where abouts are you? galactic
  5. Yup, and today in fact is one example! have to go back tomorrow, not looking forward to it!! I also took a couple of days off about a year or so back when I had this huge monster on my chin, told everyone I got busted up during a footy match and I wore a bandaid over it until it was completely gone! its amazing what people will believe sometimes!! galactic...
  6. intergalactic

    Called in sick today...

    Nope, haven't been to a derm yet, but have seriously been contemplating it!! Any ideas of the cost here is Aus?
  7. Ok so I was meant to work today, but woke up this morning to see my face had absolutely exploded over night! So I called in sick, hmm wonder if you can take days off for acne!? told em i had really bad hayfever - i know i know, worst excuse ever, but was all i could think of! I'm 23 and used to have really clear skin, cept for the odd pimple every now and then. then about a year ago, i moved interstate and my face went haywire! I figured it was the stress of the move, hmmm but its been goin