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  1. I am hispanic also. And I do speak spanish lol. Its funny cause my skin color ir really light (I look dark in my pictures donno why) when I tell people I am hispanic they get surprised. Some don't even believe me lol.
  2. I plan to tell my gf to not touch my face anymore cause its causing me to breakout and also that sometimes I don't want to see her cause of my acne.
  3. If u really wanted a gf before what stopped u from wanting to have one right now?
  4. The movie sucked. You guys are not missing much.
  5. What about where u work. U don't find anybody attractive?? Thats where I met my girlfriend.
  6. Its kinda making me depresed. That is all I think about now. Breakingout.
  7. Also doesnt it suck when girls try to touch your face and u turn around and then they get mad.
  8. I do. I am always worried about breaking out or something cause I don't want her to see me with all this pimples. Acne does sure ruin everything. Sometimes I don't even what to see her cause of my acne.
  9. I had a bad breakout. 5 pimples appread in my left cheeck and I was dumb enought to pop them and the marks dont wan't to disappear. Tomorrow I have to go pick up my girl from work and I dont want her to see me like this. I don't know what to do. . I missed work cause of it also.