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  1. breakouts are coursed by excessive serum, since you've indicated that you dont have oily skin anymore, you should see improvement soon.
  2. well, you should be grateful then, but if you really want to know how they feel then 1. go get a power drill and stuck it up your nose 2. get Ted Williams to smack your nose with a wooden baseball bat 3. spar with Tyson 4. skateboard under tree branches 5. accutane 120 mg / day for 3 months without vaseline 6. stand infront a train most of them would give a bloody nose i'll tell ya.
  3. "If you sleep upside-down like a bat, then that could happen. Otherwise, all you have to worry about is bloody pillowcases and a crusty nose." "I think you'd probably be more likely to asphyxiate on the blood as opposed to bleeding to death." You guys are very helpful................now i feel so much more comfortable goin to bed.
  4. well, yesterday was day 20 on Accutane, so as you guys know my face, lip and nose are very dry, i had nosebleed yesterday, it was the first nosebleed after taking Accutane and it was the worst one i ever had, i had to use about 30 tissue to bring the bleeding under control. I want to know what the best way stop nosebleeding once it has started and also i fear that.......... what if in the middle of a night, i start to have nosebleed while deep in dreams, the blood wont clot by itself blood pres
  5. this is goin to be my roaccutane progression pictures. hopeful will see some difference
  6. Just be glad yours aint shrunk like mine has. i totally understand, they should include that into the potential side effect list, mine shrunk 30% and i am Asian, imagine how i feel no wonder roaccutane sometimes leads to depression
  7. you'll need to tell us how much mg of isotretinoin you take each day which was missing in your previous post.
  8. i applied above the eye browe and around the nose area, i also feel alot more sleepy than usual
  9. the on the second day of me using BP, my eyes is like goldfish, it's all pop out and swollen, so i discontinue using BP?
  10. why are you guys paying so much for your drugs? in sydney, 60 cap of 20mg is only 31 aus dollars (about 22 us dollars), and i dont have a consession card or anything
  11. Yes, but in with a low dosage over a longer period of time rather than a high dose for a short period of time. I took a large dose for a relatively short period of time (80 mgs for 3.5 months) and it made my hair fall out. I'm 42. I took it about 4 years ago. It made me about 90% clear. I now take spiroaldactone and it keeps me about 98% clear. Yes, my hair thinned and it's never gotten much better. Also, my skin takes much longer to heal now. do you mean Spironolactone? do