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  1. Hello. Well some people do get clear face from healthy lifestyle. It depends on each different bodies. My acne is 85% better on my diet that I personalised. But I still get bad breakouts bcz of hormones changes during the month (I'm a girl). Btw sou said you get hives on face/body. I suffer from this problem too but I only get on my face "Chronic idiopathic urticaria". Tried several medications and diets but nothing really works. You said your hives were from your bile? How did y
  2. Thats what I'm trying to do now. Force myself to go out with my friends. Sometimes its great but others its terrible like I get big red hives on my face in a couple of seconds bcz I suffer from my chronic urticaria. This is everyday. Its true they dont care about it as much as myself. But I feel so ashamed and ugly. At those moments I just want hide myself until my face clears up. But thank you for the advice !
  3. Im in the same situation as you. Except that I suffer not only acne but have chronic hives everyday on face( sometimes its alot worse than acne). I completely changed too and I also tried to end my life in 2015. But my dad saved me in time. If not I would be dead right now. Oh boy why Im I still alive? I suffer severe panick attacks everyday. I hate going out specially in the sun. And as you Im obsessed with my food. Like people dont understand me except my parents but not completely. My s
  4. I know very well what you're talking about. I suffer from the EXACT same issues as you. Everytime I get a bad breakout I get extreme panick attacks like if Im about to die.I almost fainted one time. I think about my skin 24h/24h. I even dream about it. If I have "clear skin" I feel happy and more positive. But when I get breakouts I'm literally thinking about suicide (tried one time but failed). Lost my friends, my job. I Got a new skin desease (chronic urticaria). My gran
  5. There're still lots of differents methods to try reduce your acne! Is your skin sensitive? If not you can try the acne.org regimen. For internally you should have a healty diet but it seems you already following it. Maybe zinc supplement can help too :)
  6. True using to much products on your face will only make things worse. The thing with epiduo its that it can take several months to see changes. But honestly I dont think its a good longterm solution. Its not great for your skin. How would you describe your acne? Are you a boy or a girl? If you're a girl your acne can be worse before period wich happens to alot of people.
  7. How long have you been using the epiduo? It takes time to start to work.
  8. Dear that must have been a terrible experience for you. How long did it take to heal?
  9. Youre lucky! I always get bad breakouts if I eat something "bad". Yes stress is a big factor to me too. But as you said my skin also stress me out so its a vicious cycle
  10. I agree. I love micellar water. It doesnt irritate your skin like some cleansers and removes your makeup well. I tried alot of different brand since I live in Europe but the best one is the Bioderma for sensitive skin. Its extremelly gentleand it never irritated my eyes or skin. Its a shame that those product are not really famous here in acne.org.
  11. Great! You drink even more water than me. I admit that I dont drink enough right now. Yeah diet is rarelly the true real culprit of acne but it can help it. I think for hormonal acne the best treatment is spironolactone but I dont really want to take it because Im scared of it. Good luck I know for myself the problem is that my androgen receptors on my skin are really sensitive to any hormonal fluctuation. So yeah Im not lucky
  12. Hey sorry about your struggles. I cant really give you advice about masturbation and acne but on this website you can find other topics about it. It looks like some people clear up by reducing it others dont. I guess its something individual. Other than that you could try to put bp on your problem areas and try to stop eating dairy, sugar and high glycemic foods. Its been proven that those foods can aggravate acne. Try it for a month at least. Good luck
  13. Well my case is probably really rare so dont worry about it to much. But yeah this treatment is a miracle or a curse. I think accutane should only gived to people with severe acne. Yeah I guess a cure is a to extreme word But when youre desesperate to reduce your acne you want to try everything. Lol dont worrybeing on a diet its not easy. But when youre on it you get used to it.
  14. Its not always the case of excess testosterone. I think its because some people a higher androgen sensitivity in their skin. Like for example I have normal/low testorsterone levels in my body. But I always get bad breakouts before period and during my ovulation bcz my androgen receptors are more sensitive. Any hormonal change influences my skin.
  15. Yeah unfo Yes it looks like it. But I read so many topics here of "how I cured my acne with this.... or...", "Acne can be cured with diet and ..." It gives you hope when you read those stories. But when I try and it doesnt work.... It hurts