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  1. I have been on accutane for a while, and all my acne is gone, but i still have lots of blackheads on my nose, is it safe to use one of those ponds peel things for your nose while on accutane? Thanks
  2. Ive been on Accutane for a while now, and im looking to get some tattoos...is it safe to get a tattoo done while on accutane?
  3. Hey...Ive been on accutane for a while now, and i also had those patches all over my upper arm and around my wrist. My doctor even gave me elidel exema cream. That didnt work but just by luck iw as using Jergens Ultra Healing moisturizer and after like 2 days of using that my patches went away. Hope it helps you too.
  4. I was on accutane for 3 months...started out 40mg a day, and then next month 40mg one day and 80mg the next, and then 3rd month 80mg a day... Half way through the third month my dermatologist called and said i had to stop taking it for a while because my White Blood Cell Count was really low. Anyway a month passed and i am back on it 40 mg a day. Did anyone else have any problems with WBC's? He wasnt sure if it was from Accutane or something else but he didnt want to take the risk.
  5. I take Sotret, it seems to get the job done. My sisters doctor wanted her to take NON-generic accutane and i remember it was going to be like $1000 a month or something ridiculous like that.
  6. This might sound goofy...but it usually works. I was on accutane, and it didnt really affect my hands but my upper arms got kinda scaly...but anyway! Put neosporin or vasaline on your hands if you have like little cracks/cuts. If they are just really dry then put a good moisturizer on...but heres the trick. Put that stuff on at night and then put socks over your hands. When you wake up they will be a lot better. I usually have to do this in the winter. My mom taught me this. I dont kno
  7. give it a while. It took about a month for me to start to see results. It happens slowly within the first month....but then i saw great results. Good Luck!
  8. Im from Upstate NY. I saw Vitamin E gel at both Wal Mart, and CVS. I cant remember the brand of it. I used the Neutrogena Vitamin stuff a little but it was when i still had acne so i didnt really notice any kind of changes. Do you just put the vitamin stuff on after washing and before moisturizer?
  9. I used to have pretty bad acne, but i took accutane for a while and my acne is pretty much gone. I still have some little scars, which arent very bad, and red marks from old zits. Will Vitamin E gel help get rid of that stuff? I saw it in the store the other day, and im just wondering if any one else has used it? Thanks.
  10. I am also just starting accutane. My friend that has been on accutane for a while and has had great results told me to use the regular Cetaphil. Its worked great for him. I really liked the eucerin moisturizer with the aha, but i read somewhere that its not good to uses aha while on accutane. Ive also read it works good with it to get rid of peeling skin. So id say go with cetaphil and use a lot, and if that doesn't work go with eucerin. Hope that helped a bit.
  11. I dont know if this is the same as i am on. A long time ago i used Retin A Micro. My new Dermatologist told me that stuff sucks and to use Retin A Gel. The Generic stuff is called Tretinoin Gel. Once again im not sure if its the same, but here has been my experience. -My face looked healthier right off the bat. -Soon after starting i had a breakout, which was pretty bad. -The breakout lasted for about A week or two, i cant really remember. -But then suddenly my face looked the best it
  12. I used to have mild acne, but recently it has turned pretty severe, with huge swelling bumps. Sucks, so i was thinking about Accutane. I was searching on Google for Accutane to read about the side effects and if there was any way to overcome them, and i came across this stuff called ZENMED. www.zenmed.com. Its a Face wash, Gel, and Pills to take. It is all about being natural and stuff and the pills are supposed to cleanse your system, and get rid of acne in a month. I was just wondering i
  13. Since my whole career of battling acne i have had off and on effects with everything. I was on the regimen and it cleared me up pretty fast, and i stayed clear for abou t a week and then i started breaking out again. I did everythnig excatly the same. I kept with the regimen and after the breakouts started they never cleared again. So i started with Salysic (sp?) acid, and that cleared me up good same for about a week, and then the breakdowns started again. When the gel came out i s