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  1. You know what, I just found something I saved, so I'll post it since I'll probably forget to come back to check if anybody wants me to explain it. NOTE: It doesn't have to be that exact bottle of lemon juice as the picture says. What I do is apply it in the morning, then moisturize. then I do the same thing at night after washing my face. The key is getting the perfect ratio. Just try to put just enough lemon juice to where the epsom salt dissolves. And that's it. I just thought I'd share
  2. I haven't been to this site in a year or so, so I don't know what's been going around. I used to use BP to stop me from breaking out, but it left my skin dry all the time (yet I got very oily, weird...) If y'all haven't heard about lemon juice + Epsom salt, I'll explain it. Basically, it's awesome. Keeps me pretty much completely clear and miraculously keeps me oil-free all day. My face used to be SUPER oily and now it's completely normal. It's as if I'm on accutane or something...
  3. lalalala0112

    accutane 2 months

    This is the topical retinoids forum. Try making a topic in the Accutane forum: http://www.acne.org/messageboard/Accutane-posts-f46.html
  4. lalalala0112


    Is it normal for your skin to be red at first, but after you use it for a while the redness starts to go away, along with the breakouts? Does anybody know?
  5. lalalala0112


    Well, normally you're supposed to see results within 3 months, so I'd say pretty soon try to see your derm. and see if you have any other options that can hopefully do better than what you're using now.
  6. lalalala0112


    I really hope it works for you But.. I haven't used Ziana before. Hopefully someone on this board has.
  7. lalalala0112

    Retin-A leaving white film?

    This happened to me for the first week or so, but I haven't seen too much of it since. I think (for me at least) it was just dead skin peeling. Maybe...
  8. The only reason I switched from BP to Retin-A is because my skin would be very red, no matter how little I used (a tiny layer, day and night) I went to the derm cause I hated my red face, and he gave me Retin-A .025%. Currently I am more red than I was while on BP, so I was wondering if this was me just getting used to it (about 1 week in). Do long-time Retin-A users tend to have redness like alot of the people on the DKR do? Thanks.
  9. lalalala0112

    This is ruining my life

    Yeah, it sucks man. My derm won't put me on accutane until I try other stuff for like 6-9 months. So now, I either have to hope that somehow the crap he puts me on works, but if not, I'm glad accutane is there. I just hope that I don't waste both my time, and my parents money on all of this stuff that I have to try first.
  10. lalalala0112

    Why am I still red?

    I really don't know, but I'd recommend making another topic under the rosacea forum. I hope it isn't rosacea though...
  11. lalalala0112

    Weird skin on lips.

    Maybe try exfoliating your lips? Just you know, use a towel to rub off the dead skin right after you take a shower or something.
  12. Hey, thanks guys for the advice It would never hurt to try out that moisturizer first, but I'm ready to take Accutane if it doesn't, because I just want this problem to end. Man, there have been tons of things that I have mised out on becuase of how I feel about my face. It'd be absolutely amazing if all of those worries could go away!
  13. First off, let me day that I've been doing the DKR since last August, and when I do it 2 times a day, I get 100% clear. So why would I want something different? For one, the redness is entirely too much to handle. I mean, it's SUPER red, and looks extra weird since my neck and moustache area is so normal looking (forehead as well, but I can cover that up). It's extreamly dissapointing that the only way to improve something is to have something so bad happen in return. Basically, I feel like