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  1. naw brah... dont worry about it. im on month 3 and im getting good gains in the gym lately
  2. ya bro.. you sound just like me when i was 16... i say go for the accutane and get ur life back on track not having to worry about acne.
  3. naw, youll be fine bro. knock urself out.
  4. if thats what they are im pretty sure accutane will help
  5. i just started accutane.. so i havnt experienced any side effects yet.. im just really worried about it right now. and its on my mind 24.7 lol
  6. have any of you experience ed when on accutane or after? i read something now its bugging the fuck out of me.
  7. meh.. i dunno.. didnt really notice them.. they just went away
  8. how is it a known side effect?? says who? I've never heard of this bullshit before
  9. well can it??? even if hes off of it for 2 years.. can it cause him to be infertile? or having fucked up sperm?
  10. what are the chances i can experience new side effects that i didnt experience on my first course?
  11. yea that was wayyyy to low a dosage. You are 170 lbs. You need to take atleast 80mg for 5 months. it cleared me up 100% though.. doesn't the severity of the acne have to do with the dosage also?
  12. im about to go to my family doctor and ask for accutane for the third time. (first time i got it from a derm.. 2nd time my family doctor prescribed it to me.. ) its been 2 years since i took it. -is it possible that i could experience worse side effects since this will be my third time?? im a 170lbs male.. with moderate acne.. what dosage should i go on?? last time i was on 40mg for 12 weeks which is why i think i relapsed again...
  13. ya bro... twice.. best 2 years of my life... being on it im clear then usually off of it for a year and it comes backs.. if i dont clear up in the next 2 weeks im gonna go see the doc again.
  14. ya bro... acne fucks me up mentally hard.. esp when i know im going to have to see my girlfriend.. i spent all summer with her with pretty good skin and now its getting bad. she lives like 4 hours away so we see eachother every weekend or two and when my skin gets bad and i freak. i made excuses twice already not to go see her.. one morning i snapped and punched the tiles in my washroom like twice till my hand started to hurt, lol. i smashed something against my sink once and had to explain to
  15. lol i hear ya.. i actually punched myself in the side of my head before in anger