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  1. it may help but once you go on the pill it is a million times worse when you come off. totally not worth it if you ask me. it completely imbalances you. antibiotics completely destroy your gut health. you kill the good bacteria along with the bad so you end up with candida. most the time they dont tell you that you need to be taking good probiotics if you take antibiotics. i would ditch the benzoyl peroxide and try sulfur soap and ointment/spot treatment. the treatments your doc prescribed are g
  2. I love celestial seasonings tea. I love their sleepytime tea and every night I drink a cup of the tension tamer tea which is wonderful if you have anxiety. Their tea isn't all certified organic but doesn't contain any pesticides. They are just the best
  3. 10% glycolic acid lotion or cream works best for me. i use a brand called neostrata which is in with the higher end products at bigger drugstores but there are many. acne.org makes one too. it speeds up skin cell turnover a LOT and also helps keep pores clear. https://store.acne.org/aha
  4. aveeno baby daily lotion is not bad and you can get a tube of it at walmart for like $5
  5. Pretty good

    This is the only cleanser with salicylic acid I've found that doesn't make my skin dry, irritated or worse. I don't use it as my everyday cleanser but when my skin is really bad and it seems to start looking better by the next day. Of all the drugstore brands; Neutrogena, Oxy, Clearasil, Aveeno, Biorre, Cetaphil ect. this brand and this particular cleanser has worked the best. ***EDIT*** After a couple months my skin has gotten more oily from using this so the last month I've been usin
  6. i got mine from a place called online retin a. it comes from thailand but it took only a couple weeks to get to west coat of the states. this is his facebook https://www.facebook.com/Online-Retin-A-375887729202339/
  7. i have noticed people say that about sulfates and then recommend cetaphil cleanser too! pretty funny. cetaphil gentle cleanser has sodium LAURYL sulfate while most cleansers have sodium laureth sulfate and i guess lauryl sulfate is much more irritating and even carcinogenic. cetaphil gentle cleanser seems gentle but it clogged my pores pretty bad. when i was a teenager and even up until a few years ago i had no problems using cleansers with sodium laureth sulfate (the one in most drugstore clean
  8. maybe you are not getting enough antioxidants in your diet? if you dont already you could try taking 1000mg of vitamin c daily and drinking a cup or two of some organic green tea every day. there are topicals that help speed up skin cell turnover. like 10% glycolic acid lotion (i use neostrata). though you may have to wait until you are off accutane to use it. i think if the red marks are staying around for longer than a week or so your issue is going to be more dietary. vitamins, antioxida
  9. it seems to be perfectly safe according to cosdna http://www.cosdna.com/eng/cosmetic_237a261691.html
  10. congrats on getting married maybelline superstay better skin foundation is one of the few drugstore foundations ive found to be truly safe for acnegenic skin http://cosdna.com/eng/cosmetic_bd13227851.html maybelline primers all have some bad acne causing ingredients like stearyl heptanoate. ELF mineral infused primers are good tho http://cosdna.com/eng/cosmetic_154c255878.html my favorite water soluble cleanser for removing makeup is neutrogena fresh foaming cleanser. usually neutrogena drie
  11. i have had oily skin for years and nothing has helped. i bought this moisturizer a few days ago and it doesnt really advertise as oil control, though it does say on the bottle it "has new proven technology that dissolves oil fast, preparing skin so acne medicine can penetrate into pores". for me, this controls oil all day long. its amazing. normally when i wash my face, 10 minutes later oil is starting to show through and by an hour later its usually an oil slick. clean and clear makes a whi
  12. a lotion like amlactin or lac hydrin12 that has a high content of ammonium lactate might help. It works well for a lot of people who dont have success with salicylic acid. https://www.makeupalley.com/product/showreview.asp/ItemId=8257/Lac-Hydrin-12-Cream/Lac-Hydrin/Lotions/-Creams
  13. yes to tomatoes acne repairing lotion is light and gel-like. it doesnt have any cetyl/cetearyl alcohol. i find it moisturizes well, but i am not a fan of thick creamy moisturizers. here is its ingredient/comedogenic analysis: http://cosdna.com/eng/cosmetic_c3d9177940.html
  14. heath foods stores carry a brand called giovanni and all their products say safe for color treated hair on them. in my opinion they are the best. they have a tea tree one that specifically helps with acne. here is a link for the tea tree one https://www.amazon.com/Giovanni-Tree-Triple-Treat-Shampoo/dp/B00LPBLR9Q/ref=sr_1_6_s_it?s=beauty&ie=UTF8&qid=1478549935&sr=1-6&keywords=Giovanni+Tea+Tree+Triple+Treat+Shampoo
  15. what kind are you using? some are just are not blendable at all. i recently started using maybelline super stay better skin foundation and it blends really well and i am happy with it. i always read reviews on makeupalley before i buy foundation and if enough people say it "clings to dry patches" (which is what is happening here) or other negative stuff about it then i dont buy it. a primer might help or even a layer of moisturizer to smooth the surface but my guess is its the foundation itsel