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  1. oooh really? but mineral makeup sometimes looks different in the jar than on actual skin, and sometimes the same shades look different on different people's skin as well. but if that is the case that em's med. beige is lighter than signatures, than i might just try that shade too. thanks for the help! edit 5:40 pm: i just looked at the description on their website for medium beige and here it is: This foundation is really a true beige and works with any skin tone in the medium-light to medi
  2. i HATE florescent lighting. yeah, my makeup looks better indoors than outdoors too. i mean it looks flawless in direct sunlight, but under the shade you can see almost everything i've covered up. and i mostly don't worry about pimples showing through because i rarely have any, but it's my hyperpigmentation that SUCKS :/.
  3. i think i just might try this, but i'm a little skeptical because it takes forever for me to find the right shade with mineral makeup :/. i've given up on bareminerals and everyday minerals (surprisingly) already. but i'm glad that i can choose 6 diff. foundations. can anyone recommend me a shade for this though? i've tried medium beige from both bareminerals and EM but they're too light for me. but the next shade up may be too dark. and i'm lazy to blend colors together myself. ;P (if it helps,
  4. i'm still considering which ones to buy, so thanks for that! i think i can buy one over the weekend.
  5. It should be like $4 shipping and you could ask for like 5 or 6 different sample blushes! ooh, 5 or 6? that'd be great! so all i have to do is email them? which shades do you recommend, finallymejess? :] i think i'm definitely gonna try apple, chit chat, girl's day, nick nack, and siesta.
  6. i use the persagel with bp and that works really well for me.
  7. yeah, i know about the everyday minerals blushes :]. i have natural but it doesn't show up on my skin at all. and i don't really wanna pay for shipping for such a small sample tin. but thankss! Schango - oooh how pretty! and the reviews are good tooo. i think i might just buy that one. thanks! do you or do know anyone who uses it?
  8. LOL! pinching sounds painful. but maybe . yeah, i heard that cream blushes tend to look more natural than powder. but the thing is, sometimes my skin gets oily easy and i don't want to cream blush to add onto that. would it?
  9. Some people have such a natural pretty pink and rosy glow in their cheeks, especially when they've just come inside from cold weather. I'm looking for a powder blush that looks natural on my medium-beige skin tone and can give me that look. I prefer drugstore brands (i.e. covergirl, revlon, etc.) since they're easier to go out and buy. Suggestions anyone? (:
  10. nooope. doesn't work out. unless you're willing to do touch-ups like every 30 mins. i used to use mineral make-up, and although they claim to control oil, they really don't. even if i use an oil-controlling powder or something, my face always gets oily and it looks horrible.
  11. http://www.leafandrusher.com/index.asp?Pag...OD&ProdID=9 you can email them for samples. (:
  12. I read their reviews on MakeUp Alley but I still have a mixed feeling about them. The Outlast Pressed Powder had a good review, but there were only 2 reviewers. Has anyone had any experiences with them? I'm looking for a pressed powder that really works. I'm using CoverGirl's Fresh Look powder right now, and although it has good coverage my face still becomes oily, literally under an hour. My skin is pretty darn oily and I really need a powder that will keep my skin shine-free for at least more
  13. thanks Treasure and Albeit! i'll check some of those out soon. (:
  14. Burt's Bees doesn't only come in a tin, it also comes in a chapstick.
  15. i have aloe propolis cream. would that work the same way?