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  1. those look like rolling scars
  2. dont do it at home. Find a doctor
  3. So i decided to document my progress with my acne scars for anybody interested. These pictures were taken a week after my first saline subcision. My doctor used a fairly thin hypodermic needle to break apart scar tissue in my cheeks while also injecting a saline solution into the scars to elevate them and lubricate the needle during the procedure. This is my first procedure out of a total of three, with the goal being to elevate the scars by hopefully 50-70 percent. As of now I'm s
  4. Hello all I am an 18 year old trying to juggle college, relationships and my skin issues. two years ago i underwent an extensive course of accutane that kind of got my acne under control but gave me a bunch of nasty rolling/boxcar scars on my right side and overall unevenness. Right now im a college freshmen and im trying to get rid of my scarring so i can focus on other more important aspects of my life. I've been thinking about getting subcision done for the majority of my rolling scars and