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  1. How much pressure did you use suctioning? just as much as you could tolerate pain wise? or is there a thing as too much suction?
  2. Ive just had subcision last night and plan on following the suction method. I will be posting the photos hopefully this arvo but in the meantime I had a few questions hopefully someone can help me with? Any tips on suctioning the scars? Ive got the one from owndoc Should I be putting anything on the areas that were treated? moisturiser or Benzoyl Peroxide? What to do if I get any pimples on the area to be suctioned? lastly any advice from people who have been through this already? chee
  3. jhole


    Anyone?? there doesn't seem to be any clinics that specialise in acne scarring. Will probably end up going to one of the major hospitals. Ive heard they do treatments with stem cells but I'm not to sure how it would work on scars though. Any recommendations or info would be appreciated. cheers
  4. jhole


    hey whats everyones opinion on the ideal length for scars?
  5. jhole


    Hey has anyone got any reccomendations or knows anything about going thailand to get treatments for acne scars?
  6. check out ematrix Ive seen some good results with that.
  7. Ive never heard of tylenol, but has anyone tried valium or codeine?
  8. I need some help dealing with the pain associated with laser treatments. I have had two ematrix treatments which were excruciating even with numbing cream and the nitrous gas.. maybe I have sensitive skin (have been on accutane a few times) or maybe I'm just a bitch either way I need some advice on what medications work best at blocking the pain. Im asking as I will be getting fraxel repair which is apparently going to be a lot worse! Will be posting pics of everything when I get the photos