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  1. I know this topic is quite old -but if the original poster is still here, how did this turn out for you? (or if anyone knows the o.p. ... ) The photo posted by the OP looks so much like what I'm battling. Won't get into the nitty gritty for sake of brevity - but my doc said, "looks like folliculitis ..." It got better over some weeks, then it got worse and spread. My thought is that it is the pityrosporum brand of folliculitis. (She/Doc didn't tell me I'm wrong when I emailed her last to ask
  2. Thanks for your thoughts and research on this. Everything you pointed out seems logical to me. Also, I keep remembering hearing that starches feed bad bacteria. It isn't worth the possibility for me to try these - so I'll just skip them. I ordered some other samples from other companies which have less possibility of trouble for me - I'll wait for those and leave the arrow root samples alone. Thanks again.
  3. I googled and I searched the archives here, but I didn't find any answers. Is Arrow Root Powder (or arrowroot powder - not sure of the right spelling) safe or unsafe for acne? I know cornstarch can contribute to acne. I've heard most 'starches' are questionable. Not sure about Arrow Root Powder. Why am I asking? I was just sent two free samples from a company for face powder - made mostly of arrow root powder. Really nice of them to send them - but I'm chicken to try them given my extreme
  4. Thanks everyone. I'll give all your suggestions a try. Sorry to hear others might have been having trouble too. I REALLY hope they can get back to the usual good service.
  5. Okay all, I'm having difficulty with EDM. Their site said my order shipped June 21st. It has not arrived, however. I went to their site and tried their online chat. It says they're online, but after a few minutes of waiting to connect, it says they're busy and to send a message instead. So, I send a message. I've sent several over the last days in fact. No reply. So I went to their faq section which says: If your package does not show up, please contact [email protected] I email
  6. You've had some good advice here. Katiedid covered the aspect of AHA's and Retinoid / Retinols that I was going to mention. Neither of those will age you - in fact, they will really prevent a lot of issues. Don't be afraid of creams being heavy either. It is a myth that all oils should be avoided, also. My b/f who is now in his early 50's doesn't have a wrinkle to speak of. He's smooth as a baby's bottom. Why? Partly it could be genetics, but his siblings and parents were not graced with his sk
  7. ADDITION to my last post .... Your question inspired me to try a slightly different approach - mixing aloe and sugar as a gel. I just did it 5 minutes ago - my hair was wet, I mixed about an inch long squirt of aloe with a TINY bit of sugar. (Dab my finger tip into sugar and whatever stuck to the tip of my finger is the amount I used - very small). Mix aloe and sugar in palm until no grains remain. Worked through roots of bangs to tips of bangs. Blow dried and styled with brush. It has a very
  8. While I find Fruit of the Earth Aloe to be wonderful for my skin and scalp - no irritation - and it seems to heal some problems with my skin ... I do NOT find it does anything at all to hold my hair like a gel. I have a ton of very ultra fine hair - very long. I use it on my bangs, which are short, where I want some lift. It is as if I have used nothing when I try aloe as a hair gel. Sorry. But I love aloe for everything else under the sun. I find getting enough lift in my bangs has more to d
  9. PPS: Also - make sure you get 8 full hours or more of sleep a night. If you don't rest enough, your body can't function well enough to help you lose the weight.
  10. You may hate the idea now, but take a before picture of yourself in something form fitting, or in shorts and a small top. Keep the picture just for yourself - and a year from now, compare. When you feel like you aren't getting anywhere it is an excellent motivator to see how far you've come. We don't always see it when we look at ourselves every single day. If you are getting whooped by Tae Bo build up more slowly. Due to my health, I have to build up to activities much slower than the average
  11. That looks really fantastic. I'm so glad you made this "mistake".
  12. Not everyone needs a concealer. I'm sorry you haven't had more responses to your question. Usually a million people jump up to help. Okay - which mineral makeup did you buy? If you want it to look less noticeable, you might want to try to make your mineral makeup into a tinted moisturizer. The way to do this would be to take your moisturizer in the palm of your hand and blend in some of the minerals. I apply with my fingers. If you find it streaks, or dries too quickly, I blend in some alo
  13. Just discovered something over the last week - thought I'd share. After the demise of siesta, I got a sample of B&B. This is a very strongly pigmented blush - and for an ultra pale like me it is really apparent. But - I really like the tone of it. B&B seems like is from the same color family as Siesta - just very dark and more vibrant. So .... I've been playing around with how to get it to work for me. If I blend 1 part B&B in about 3 parts (or even 4 parts) foundation, then use it
  14. Just had to say - you look really great in your pics. Your skin looks so healthy!
  15. I'm always so glad to see these topics - because I think of the weirdest things too. lol. And yeah, basically you could stick chimpanzee ears on the sides of her head and she'd still look completely amazing. When that whole "which one is hotter" debate was going on - you know - her and Jennifer Aniston - I couldn't understand how anyone could decide which one was prettier. My b/f having the male perspective tells me plainly that of course Jolie is the hotter because Aniston looks like the girl