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  1. Well to all those people that are saying that obesity is obese people's own fault and acne is not. There is now studies that link high glycemic index diets to acne and that eating a steady low GI over a period of months can significantly help acne. http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/3...acne.html?cat=5. So maybe for some of us, just like some obese people, we have been the culprits in our own misfortune. I'm not trying to blame anybody by the way.
  2. How do people feel about obese people? Do you feel replused by obese people? I was thinking about this topic because no one I know my age really has acne like I do and I was everytime I try to make sense how about how to feel about my condition I reason that there are probably alot mid 20s obese people that feel just as bad as there appearance. I kind of consider obese people like my brothers and sisters in that they have a condition that is replusive to society too. By the way, I'm not obese an
  3. When I look at the picture. I don't see mild at all. I see moderate acne. I guess that really does illustrate the point of humans are their own worst critic most of the time with appearance. I guess it's the same thing when I girl says that she really needs to lose weight and you're just like what are you talking about? You like thin as hell. Because in reality we just don't care about others relatively minor imperfections.
  4. Here is my picture and I was wondering how you would rate my acne. I think it is moderate, it used to be really bad but I've gotten it down quite a bit. I think that severe would have categorized me four months ago but moderate is probably what it is now (which I'm cool with, I don't know when this stuff will go away, so I might as just be cool with it for now). Post and let me know how you would rate it. Thanks.
  5. Can some tell me the difference between topical and oral antibiotics? I don't want to take oral antibiotics because of all the bad side effects. Do topical antibiotics have the same side effects (digestion, etc) as oral? Thanks.
  6. My derm gave me solaraze for my red marks? Has anybody ever heard of this med. He said he was like aspirin for my face. Comments anybody?