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  1. Let me start by saying you are awesome and I think we could be friends! Haha! I've been going through the same crap at work, too. There is muted war going on between me and this girl at work. We mutually hate each other and I am not going to budge and just start pretending to like her ever again. I can't look at her and not want to vomit anyway, so what's the point? I can't throw up on the food every day! With the dating thing: I have also gone through that, too. I've not been interested in da
  2. HHhhmmm....well, I hate myself....so don't be like me, okay?
  3. You have just completely disgusted me. By the way, are pregnant women a burden to society as well?? Are people with psychological problems a burden to society?? Are people with acne a burden to society? I mean, hell, who really WANTS to look at us? Right? Keep your hateful thoughts to yourself.
  4. I just got a generic Walmart brand. It hurts like hell while it's drying, then it get itchy but just let it do its thing. Once the stuff peels off, your scar looks like it's been burned. Then that layer will peel off. My scars eventually got smoother and flatter. Not great, but it's something. And not on all of them, but most.
  5. What's with all these shitty derms?! Where the hell do they get their degrees from?! Who the hell do they think they are?!
  6. Meh, I got cortisone shots...did very little....what did the most to flatten them was using wart remover...which hurt like hell and looked bad for awhile, but once it all healed they were noticeably flatter...
  7. I hear ya 100%. I have two of em on my chest, dead center...and about ten on each shoulder...not fair, not attractive, fucking impossible to get rid of... I am so sorry that it happened to you as well.
  8. Doesn't that seem so fucked up? My god! And you look at all of these plastic surgery makeovers and they come out without scarring from all of that trauma even! I think there's a damn conspiracy! Let's take down the man!
  9. Haha! Thank you for the support guys! I've just always been super self-conscious about them and I've always felt hideous... Anyway, I've never really date a good guy so I was completely blown away by his response...
  10. So I've recently acquired a boyfriend and he is amazing. We were friends throughout most of last semester and so now we're going out. Everything is fantastic (KNOCK ON WOOD) and we are really really happy and SO I felt that I should tell him about my insecurity before things get too intense because it would just be worse later on if he turned out to be a shallow person and wanted to leave me. Anyway, So I told him about my scars on my shoulders and he was super understanding and did everythi
  11. That's true. You may need to switch meds. It's not so bad. Trust me, I dealt with it for six years on my own and just recently starting to talk to everyone about my anxiety. I used to wake up not being able to breath, terrified, a tightness in my chest, etc... Talk to your doc