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  1. Hi, I understand how you feel; even though I'm 19. It can really get you down, apologies I don't have any remedies to give you as I haven't really found my 'acne cure' yet either. However, I can tell you that don't be trying out too many products - Duac did clear up my spots but there was no way possible to completely stop myself from getting raised bumps; once I had a raised bump that was it - I applied duac. It was temporary; so do try Primrose Oil pills, Vitamin A, Vitamin D. This did help me
  2. anonymous103

    Acne battle

    This is my acne which I've been battling since the age of 9, yes 9. This will show my acne at it's harshest and calmest. Please do bare in mind that this has taken me great courage to reveal my face like this; however, I feel as I upload these pictures I feel a sense of reassurance; somehow/