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  1. I have had a lot of success treating me acne. The most success I've had is with benzoyl peroxide. I've gone from 10-20 blemishes at a time to absolutely nothing as long as i used it daily when i was a teenager. I didn't want to use it for life so i've tried other things. No other cleanser has worked for me. Retin-A caused less pimples but still had some. Tanning in a tanning bed(don't recommend it causes wrinkles and other problems) got rid of my acne. Niacin worked for me but you have
  2. $300 is a really good price, was that for your entire face? Lowest price ive ever been quoted is $600 although i live in vancouver, Canada and anything cosmetic is ridiculously overpriced here.
  3. Vitamin D is essential for health. It's actually not a vitamin, it's a hormone. But low levels of vitamin D has been proven to increase cardiovascular risk and breast cancer risk. More health issues are suspected from low vitamin D but not enough evidence has been gathered yet. So it's good to take whether it cures acne or not, especially since a lot of this forum is probably more conscious of their skin and avoiding the sun. Are you taking vitamin D just by itself? Is it combined with anyth