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  1. Well I have been using this regimine now for 5 days ( counting tonight) and I have to say I do believe it has helped fade the red marks. They of course are not totally gone, but they have faded some. I think it is definately helping. I used the egg mask a few times, but have since stopped as I think it was just tightening my skin and seemed to make the marks I have in it from old acne more prominent and I don't know how to explain it but made my skin look tighter but not better...weird I know.
  2. Hi all!! Ok so for the last like ohhh...5 or 6 years I've worn makeup...big deal you say..well I'm a guy. This was before the whole meterosexual man thing..lol. Anyway so this last Sunday I took a HUGE step and did not put on the makeup all over my face. AND I WENT OUT! For me this was HUGE! Thing is I think I looked better without the makeup. My acne used to be realllyyy bad...like cystc bad. It's left its toll and I have scars and some redmarks still. The scars while sucking I can probably
  3. Hi all! Ive posted on the boards some in the last few months and was hoping that someone could help me. Later this month I will have insurance again and I want to go see a Derm about doing something about my skin texture and scars left from my cystic acne. I have cleared up considerably from what it used to be like. I used to get a new cyst almost daily for awhile, but recently I only get a pimple here or there and they usually don't last long. But I do have A LOT of redness and red marks and s
  4. I totally understand the depression thing...I have to say I feel like that a lot myself. My acne has not been as bad but the scars it has left are horrible..well to me anyway. I know theres people out there who have worse scars Im sure, but just the whole uneveness of my face makes me feel depressed. I would just like to be able to wake up in the morning and not have to go thru the ritual of trying to make myself look half way decent. Im a guy and I wear makeup and Im sure its noticable and Im s
  5. Good luck with the light treatments and please let us know how it goes!! I know it is very depressing to think I may have to wear makeup for the better part of my life to just feel normal...Maybe I can get enough money one day to have some treatments done...I just wish insurance covered them, its not just cosmetic, I wish they realized how traumatic acne and scars from acne are!! good luck with wearing the makeup...I still feel self conscious about it but I also figure its better then without
  6. Ive been wearing makeup now for ohhh 4 years or so...started wearing dermablend when my skin was HORRIBLE...bad BAD cystic acne...it was so bad I would not leave the house...almost lost my job over it. Till my Derm told me about dermablend. Wore that for like 3 and a half years...then just recently switched to Coverblend about 6 months ago...much better...I think the coverage looks nicer and less noticeable and it feels less makeupy...though it still of course doesn't feel "natural" but then aga
  7. Hey there I am a Guy who uses makeup. I use Coverblend...foundation and powder. I use it on my whole face actually to cover many red spots that I have and to even out the skin tone. Its not perfect, but it does look pretty good and so far since using it...I have a LOT LESS breakouts... Im sure some people can tell I have it on...but im past caring...it helps me feel better about myself so im ok with it !!
  8. I have to say the tape method has definately helped me. It gets rid of the flakes which I have constantly because of the BP and I am a guy who wears makeup and it helps the makeup go on smoother, cause no flakes then. It has also certainly helped the redness and ( knock on wood ) it has helped with reducing the number of breakouts I get, since it is taking off dead skin that would otherwise block my pores!! --Kal
  9. I am a guy and used dermablend for years as it was what my dermatologist suggested... about oh 2 months ago now I was getting fed up with it not always looking right..somedays I was ok and others I could totally tell I was wearing makeup. About 2 months ago I switched to a product called coverblend and boy howdy am I glad I did...its more water based I think and covers quite well...not as heavy as the dermablend, but it seems so much lighter ( and by this I mean lightweight not coverage) then
  10. Thanks to animegirlie and Elly... I just got the coverblend stuff today... i went right up to a girl and said.. " a bit embarresing but I need some makeup help, for myself.." She was totally helpfull, didnt laugh or anything....and before I even told her I wanted to look at the coverblend, she said " Hey how about coverblend!" Very nice girl! I just put it on and I think it definately covers my scars better, though it does look a bit lighter then what I looked when I had the dermablen
  11. Thanks for the help so far girls...I have been checking out colortration so far and it looks like it might be better...if you can believe the hype ofcourse.. My skin tone is probably best described as medium...Im not a pale person, and I do go tanning sometimes...right now I am using dermablen, chroma 2 1/2 I think it is...and it sometimes looks to light and sometimes to dark...I know weird...but it could just be depending on what color clothes I wear too.. I dont mind going into a store to
  12. Hey there... I have had acne since I was in junior high...Im 28 now... it started out slow, and got worse a bit after highschool... It has calmed down some now, but I do still get bad breakouts every few weeks sometimes... I have just started using more BP and hope that works. About 3 years ago I started wearing makeup, I use dermablend, as that was what was reccomended to me by my dermatologist at the time. It helped alot as at that time I wouldnt leave the house at all because of my acne,