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  1. yeah i stopped coconut oil as of last night i can't afford a derm right now, and have never been able to (parents never bothered to help me with this and i've been on my own for about 10 years now) but hopefully after i move i'll be able to... just can't right now if i can though i'm going to look straight into accutane. i'm developing very large and painful cysts on my chin now... hopefully they will go away soon since i stopped using coconut oil....
  2. Don't you need a prescription for differin? because i don't have insurance. :I it's the main reason i haven't already tried accutane. can't afford it. i'm very poor i also would prefer not to change my routine immediately because i JUST started this one, though i read coconut oil isn't too great so i might stop using that as well.
  3. Thank you for the response! I'm glad your daughter has been having success with her routine! ) I'm glad she gave you input on the purging.. maybe this was my worst week and it could start getting better from here? I can hope! And yeah i've been thinking about that with coconut oil too. I was worried about it but then i hear good things about it... I didn't know if it was actually causing me breakouts since i'm so early into my routine and i don't let it really seep into my skin, and i g
  4. I wish i could say something without being a hypocrite but i feel the same way, and i'm 26! Just know you're not alone, that's something to take comfort in. there are a lot more people who feel the same way than you would think!! First of all, and i know i still don't believe it either, but your family is right! You are your own worst critic! i'm willing to bet that nobody else thinks that your skin looks as bad as YOU think it does. Most people (who are worth being around anyway) do not
  5. Hi there! I've been browsing acne.org for years and it's about time i started posting, i think. i've been battling acne since probably around 12 years old. There have been times when it's been terrible, and times when it's been tolerable. I tried proactiv which worked for me for a bit, but i got lazy over a spring break in high school and it has never worked for me again. Around 18/19 years old, i tried murad acne complex. it was the worst thing i've ever done. my skin is now littered w
  6. Hi there! I'm sorry that you're having issues with your skin You said it's only been a few days, and i'm experiencing this issue too, but maybe it's just your skin adjusting? Make sure you're extremely gentle when you cleanse it, and be very strict to your regimen. Aside from that, I would continue using the products for a couple more weeks to see if they start clearing up your skin. Usually the skin cell turnover rate takes (i believe) from 3-6 weeks, and if it has only been a few days yo