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  1. I heard that smoking cigarette's is a cause of acne among many others. Any truth to this?
  2. srsly talk to your mom or a teacher or something! Im gunna be honest when i say stop your bitching and do something!
  3. I have ring worm now and its not really itchy or rash like jsut annoying because its there. Im using some cream on hopefully it will go away
  4. I love showers for making my skin better. I like to take a pretty warm/mildy hot shower every night before bed.
  5. I can relate to you kid. Im 15 and sure my dad isnt verbally abusive alot but he drinks a bit too much then he should smokes and my mom died when i was 8. Also My brother is an asshole so i say we find an island in the middle of no where and start a new civilization where everyone has to be nice or they die.
  6. 1. no make up so they can see your skin 2. rub your face so it looks worse then it is and get accutane
  7. I do have one and i honsetly i didn't know i had that bad of acne til awhile ago(its decently better now) but serisouly people i meet in school really don't care much.
  8. ok thanks you guys. ill get right on it.
  9. Well i have a minor case of ring worm nothing serious but does anyone know if this will affect my body acne in anyway? I don't have much body acen and i would perfer to keep it that way.
  10. I talked my dad into taking me to see a derma! O happy day!
  11. then what prevents it from having a vaccine?
  12. Mad World- Gary Jules( was in donnie darko so i think you get it) it's too late-Carole king so far way- Carole king
  13. So I was thinking today in class that is acne really a disease? I mean some peope have it and some don't even if they have oily faces or other things that would typically cause acne so to speak. I have had the bacteria gain immunity to certain products i have tried. Also there are many prescrisptions for it. So can anyone help answer my question.
  14. 1. 15 2. male 3. mild to severe mild 4. depressed bascilly but i ignore it alot 5. yes 6. i think so 7. no i want to though 8. benzaclin and diffirin 9. benzaclin but its effect wore off 10. I take a decently hot shower for 15 mins to clear out my pores in the mroning and before bed then apply diffirin to certain areas, and its working pretty well.