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  1. Hey there, I live very close to Windsor Ontario

  2. I'm guessing accutane would be your best bet since you've tried everything else. She can start playing sports once she is off of it. But I am no doctor to say this... I'm sure her skin will be better in no time hopefully. Good luck to you and your daughter.
  3. Yeah okay cool gangster. no one cares. stay on topic.
  4. Sorry, but that's not good enough. You'll have to quote exactly what he said, and in the proper context. I suspect that what you THINK he said isn't what he MEANT. What I told you about vitamin E is common knowledge in the supplement industry. Bryan It's okay, I know what I need to know...
  5. nope, only software yes, software and also something you do in the registry.. i dont know much about programming but my friend was telling me..anyway if anyone knows it would help a lot thanks.
  6. How do you create one of those firewall thingys..im not a beginner in computers but if someone supplied some information i will be able to do it. I never was interested in firewalls etc so i dont kno much about them. what i want to do is eliminate any access to my computer from another PC (except downloading files). Like those softwares where they know every website you went to every keystroke everything you looked at etc.... Im just afraid one of my family memebers might be doing that. So i wan
  7. What would be the point of wanting to dream about those things if they really arent real? Id like to dream about flying and travelling thru space (it would never come true thats why i like to dream about fictional journeys lol)
  8. Trust me, ive done enough homework.. you're wrong. ive talked to a doctor in a naturopathic clinic.
  9. :rolleyes: for moderate ACNE (pimples/zits) NOT FOR CYSTS! I started getting cysts after using differin/tetracycline.