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  1. like 5 zits are on my back and they hurt like hell
  2. eddie eddie eddie or eddy?

  3. idk this is my very first prescribed acne med.
  4. my face is fucking totally discolored from my neck its like a reddish brownnnn arrhhhhggggghghghghghghg
  5. its making my face a reddish brown color and its pretty much discolored from my neck i started using it about 3 days ago and it works and everything but should i stop or add something in or what i wash my face with nivea for men oil control purifying face wash for normal to oily skin and then put on a thin layer of benzaclin please please please help i hate it when my face gets like this
  6. yo eddie, sorry i messed up the adress, it was liberty-hell.uhhwtf.com

    start posting yo

  7. no problemo gettin tired of this acne place anyways

  8. yo dude

    come to lh


    'tis the shit =)

  9. supp jay sheeee :P I havent talked to you in a while do you have aim?!

  10. head&shoulders? ok whatev'ss im offf to walmart now
  11. please help me im starting to get acne on my body isent having it in your face enuFF?!?!?!?! these hurt too is there any way i can get rid of these things for good im a lifeguard and the pools are about to open and i think im going to quit is this gets worse these are some pictures of the breakout i had there smack dab right in the middle of my chest
  12. Happy DELICIOUS 17th Birthday!