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  1. Meeraboots, I saw an advertisement for this product on the television and it sounds pretty good.. I see you are from Ontario, which store did you get the Vichy from? Thanks!!
  2. Good luck Barbie, I really hope you get the job!!! but I guess this message is posted a little too late, because I'm guessing your interview is over now.. So, did you get the job?!?!?!?
  3. Hahah as my subject states, I wanted to know: What is the importance in using a moisturizer in the regimen in order to clear acne?? I was just wondering.. Say someone never had dry skin while on the regimen so they didn't use a moisturizer what so ever, could they still get clear? Thank you, Melissa..
  4. Hey all.. I'm just starting the regimen tonight, and I couldn't find any of the moisturizer suggested by Dan.. plus, I'm from Canada and all of the products needed for the regimen are $10+, so it's kinda expensive.. So, can anyone suggest a good moisturizer I may be able to find in Canada that is less expensive? All's I have for a moisturizer is Vaseline Intensive Care, and I don't know if this is any good.. does anyone know if it is? Any help would be greatful, Thanks. MELISSA
  5. Just wondering, do the red marks disappear when you use accutane?? ... or do they kinda vanish on their own once you are done your round of accutane? Just wondering, Thanks.. ~MELISSA~
  6. I'm glad things are starting to improve for you .. You say you have had a 15% improvement on your back, what percentage of improvement would you say you've had on your face??
  7. Hey, wasn't too sure where else to post this.... Okay, I get zits here and there on my cheeks once and awhile, and the odd time on my forehead.. but my chin seems to persistantly be a problem.. does anyone know if this hormonal acne, or if there are any good acne medications for acne on the chin? Thank you, Melissa.
  8. Hi!! I was perscribed "cortate" (1% concentration) for my eczema... I was wondering if anyone knows if this is the same thing as the hydrocortizone cream?? Thank you!
  9. Hi.. I was perscribed something called "cortate" (1% concentration) for eczema that I get on my neck and sometimes hands.. I was wondering if this is the same stuff as the hydrocortizone and cortizone creams?? Thx!! ~Melissa~
  10. I can DEFINETLY relate to this for sure... it's the worst when your staying over at a friends or what not and they have perfectly flawless skin, you don't want to take off your makeup and expose how bad your skin is compared to them.. it's really awkward.. they can't even imagine how bad it is to have acne because they've never had to experience it before.. 2 of my best friends I swear have never had a single zit in their life..
  11. Acne has alterted who I am. I know acne isn't the worst thing you can have, but it is still a serious matter. What really makes me angry is how people say just about EVERY teenager gets acne. I'm in high school right now and you look around and about 90% of the people have completely clear complexions, or you see the odd person with 1 or 2 zits on their face.. I'd hardly call that acne!! I've had acne since I was in about the 8th grade I guess, but it wasn't so bad back then. Since then, it
  12. Hummer, if you ever find the stuff in Canada, please tell me.. I'm Canadian too..
  13. How severe was your acne before you started the 0.1%? Thx.
  14. I was perscribed a Vitamin A Gel (0.25%)... Is this 'tretinoin'?? Has anyone had any success with this? Thx, Melissa.
  15. I just thought I would tell you guys that I went to a walk-in clinic today.. I waited around for like an hour in the lobby to see him, and was only actually in the doc's office for like 2 mins!! haha!! The doctor prescribed a .025% Vitamin A acid gel and a PanOxyl Bar (5% Benzoyl peroxide).. I'm not sure if these are any good, we'll see.. The doc said I wouldn't have to see a derm.. Meh, I only had to pay $0.70 for the whole perscription, so it's all good.. I'll let ya know if it works!! Does a
  16. It was as simple as that?? .. that's good, I'll do that... I wish it could all just clear up right now..grrr. Anyway, Thx a lot : ) ~Melissa~
  17. I could look around for a dermatologist.. but don't they require a referal from your doctor??.... I don't have a doctor here, and my old doctor is about a 7 hr drive away.. and I never talked to him about my acne before, so there isn't much he can do...
  18. Hi, I was wondering if anyone knows if you can get any acne medication perscribed to you by just seeing a doctor at a walk-in clinic?? .. Sadly enough, I just moved to a new city and don't even have a doctor yet, therefore I can't get a referal to see a dermatologists.. So I was hoping a walk-in clinic doctor could do the trick... If so, what kinds of acne medication can they perscribe?? .. I've never seen a dermatologist about my face, even though I've had acne for atleast 4 years now.. Over t
  19. Hey soccer-bro, where did you buy it? thx. -Melissa-
  20. Hey Abby, ... how are you doing in regards to scars and 'red marks'?? .. just curious.. thx. -Melissa.
  21. Hey. I think I'm going to try that stuff out.. sounds good.. I'll use it for a mask too.. but also follow Dan's regimen at the same time.. we'll see how she works.
  22. hey, well some gurls have to shave their face too... NOT ME though, luckily.. that would suk ass.
  23. haha.. awww poor guy.. I guess that's where girls have it better than guys eh. 8)