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  1. It seems to be working for me in reducing oily skin. I started taking 5000 a day (two 1000ui per meal, one for dinner). Vitamin D3, Nature's Way. It really seems to work in reducing oilyness, otherwise it's a coincidence that since I started my face is no longer oily. I used to wake up with very oily skin, but not any more. I still get black heads on the nose, and some pimples close to my mouth that I suspect are hormonal but I'm not sure. But my face is overall much clearer and less oil
  2. I had similar, I quit eating breakfast cereals and oatmeal, both gave me gas and sometimes diarrhea. I still eat bread and spaghetti sometimes, that seems fine. Definitly, the end of gas and diarrhea helped reduce acne, but it didn't go away. My face is at its best when I get a lot of sleep every day. That seems to be the only thing that works for me, but I have always had difficulty falling asleep so it's difficult to be consistent on that end.
  3. Eating dark chocolate has a similar effect on me than drinking coffee, which results in possible breakouts. I still scrape some 100% dark chocolate over fruits once in a while.
  4. I have similar issues. Had the worst stomach ache ever last friday, to the point where I'm going to schedule a visit to the clinic tomorrow to see if it's not something worst. From my experience: good sleep and sunlight = good digestion. Missing sleep does the opposite, and lack of sunlight I think doesn't help. But definitly, lack of sleep always gave me major digestive problems.
  5. Don't go crazy about this. I've have periods where I was clear and masturbated regularly, others where it was the opposite, and vice-versa.
  6. I do, and only shave the mustache area regularly. The rest I shave only once every five days or so. But I use a norelco body groom to do it, so it's not a blade. I doubt it's related, but could be. Difficult to say, but definitly not the cause. Also noticed how this happens quite often at the end of the week, somewhere around thursday/friday, then worsens until early the following week. Strange.
  7. Maybe I'm not taking enough. It totals 1200ui a day from two different supplements I take (one multi-vitamin, one vitamin D-3 supplement). I think it helps, but I think my acne is hormonal so it doesn't help enough:( I also have some from fortified almond milk. It really is difficult going out in the sun on days when your skin looks like crap:|
  8. For some time now I'm clear for a week, then the next week I breakout, repeat. It seems to happen especially around my mouth. It will usually start with a small pimple close to the left side of my bottom lip, and then another close to that one, and another, and soon on the other side and chin. I end up with a bunch of small red bumps and some white heads. I get a few smaller ones further away closer to my cheeks but they aren't as much of an issue. It makes it look like I have some infectuou
  9. I would say that my skin always improved if I was exposed to sunlight regularly, sometimes clearing up almost completely. I know recently I started taking vitamin D supplements again, and my face cleared up, then I ran out of it and it came back, but there has also been very little sun recently and I didn't have the chance to take as much sun as a result, maybe only once or twice a week; it's always raining or cloudy this summer. I should get my vitamins this week, I broke out this weeke
  10. I'm Canadian, I have acne. Come on, plenty of Canadians have it.
  11. I am not usually stressed, but when it happens I feel it in my stomach first, then bad digestion occurs, and then acne likely flares out. One thing that is really weird about me, some days let's say I hear a weird noise in the walls, or from my PC, or any other random noise that sounds like something not working properly, I feel something going on on my cheeks where I usually have acne, sort of like a little tingling. Not sure why, difficult to explain how it feels. Oh and if I skip meals, I f
  12. Well geez I have a bottle of vitamin-D3 and it's only 400ui:p I didn't take them because I take Centrum multi-vitamins, but it seems I could add it too. That would be 1200ui, which is little but I can start with that. We've had nothing but rain for over a week, and more rain to come. No sunlight for me:(
  13. Your skin looks a lot like mine (except mine is worst:p). It's the same places as me, but I have more (also I have them on the nose and sometimes on the cheeks close to the nose). What kind of acne is this?
  14. It's been raining non stop for a week, I wanted to go out during every lunch break:p I installed flux before but it's too annoying for me, especially if I usually work on some artwork on my PC. I guess I should re-install it anyway and just turn it off in those specific cases. It always felt too dark to me. I'll see if I can tweak it. My face is such crap right now, hasn't been this bad in a while. I really wonder what happened starting late last week that led to this crazy breakout I ha