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Sombre Chemin

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    Playing violin, guitar, and drums...reading, writing philosophical essays for class, reading, and listening to music.

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  1. Sombre Chemin

    Accutane & Closed Comedones

    I had tons of closed comedones, matter of fact that was the majority of my skin problems. The derm told me Tane is not most effective on this type of acne. Well... 25 pills into tane and my face is near perfect.
  2. Sombre Chemin

    Accutane gallery of doom

    My progress with Tane
  3. Sombre Chemin

    Accutane Log of Doom

    Day 21... Sorry I haven't written in a while, been busy with my huge load of summer classes (I'm a nerd eek). Today my face looks sooo clear. The only things that are stopping my face from being totally 100% clear are: 2 pimples on my forehead, my nose with 53959375 blackheads that are surfacing. Does anyone have any clue to how long these blackheads take to get themselves out? It looks...and feels gross. I'm tempted to use a pore strip. Maybe I'll put some pics up later of my face. Worst symt
  4. Sombre Chemin

    Accutane Log of Doom

    Thanks Unnamed and Acneduck Day 9, My face is dry.. that's all. No new pimples, all the ones that I got a few days ago went away and are now totally gone. If that was my IB then great. Right now my nose is really painful inside and out. It's peeling worse than any part of my face. Is it okay to not wash my face? It dries me out sooo much. I don't really produce much oil anymore.
  5. Sombre Chemin

    Accutane Log of Doom

    Soo, I kind of forgot day 7. Here's day 7: My face was really itchy, I had to stop myself a few times from scratching it.. Also I woke up in the middle of the night feeling really dehydrated and had to grab a bottle of water. I've been drinking a lot more lately, about 2 L daily. My mom complimented that my face is getting better... Also, it was my birthday. Accutane was the best present ever...
  6. Sombre Chemin

    Tane log: Begun 5/27/07

    Yay, you're very lucky you aren't getting any side effects. I'm always getting random rashes and a bit of dry lips. How's the oiliness going? From one day to the next my face went from really oily to very little oil at all, today I could barely fill 1/4th of a C&C oil sheet. Good to hear that things are improving
  7. Sombre Chemin

    Accutane Log of Doom

    Day 6.. Face feels nasty, skin is peeling, looks very red.. I made the smart move of scrubbing all the dead skin off with a towel then putting copious amounts of moisterizer last night. Now my skin's moreso irritated. My forehead is looking alright but my cheeks are breaking out, the pimples go away quick though. Overall I look icky but I know the tane is doing it's job
  8. Sombre Chemin

    Tane log: Begun 5/27/07

    Hey there, I started a day after you so we can compare progress My skin is itchy like crazy too, and when I itch it flakes are coming off... It's really gross cause my skin is oily and dry at the same time. I've broken out a bit too but not with whiteheads, just angry inflamed red ones ugh... Well good luck on your tane journey I'll be checking in with you
  9. Sombre Chemin

    Accutane Log of Doom

    Day 5... My face is absolutely mortifying right now. I'm itchy ALL over, and my skin is in FLAKES. I can't believe this is happening so soon, does Tane usually work this promptly? Anywho, I've got a massive breakout going on with tons of new angry pimples on my left cheek and around my chin. My forehead seems fine, just very peely and itchy. My scalp is also very bothersome and itchy. I've been putting on lotion like crazy cause I get these small itchy rashes. I'm also concentrating on moisteris
  10. Sombre Chemin

    Accutane Log of Doom

    So, this is my first entry on the Accutane log of DOOM! Don't know why I called it that, but all the medicine packaging and list of possible side effects make it seem as if this won't be very fun at all. On a more positive note, I'm excited that in 5 months I might be able to look at myself in a mirror and smile Here's the specs: I'm 5'6", 120 lbs, and 15 years old(soon to be 16, in 3 days woo). I've battled with this evil plague we call acne since I was about 11, and have tried every treatmen
  11. Sombre Chemin

    Duac and Differin

    In a nutshell: I've been going to the same derm since I was 11. Now i'm 16. He prescribed me nothing but topical after topical, and I wrote a list of them.. was about 11 medications long. None of them have made any change in my acne (which is not severe, maybe moderate) whatsoever. There was a quite a large period of time, about 2 years, that I hadn't seen this dermatologist for. My acne right now is at it's alltime worse, and he prescribed me duac and differin. Knowing that in the past differin
  12. Sombre Chemin

    Clear Skin Regimen

    My luck with the CSR