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  1. the web address for the woman who posts here and sells the 100% TCA? I searched for over a half hour but couldn't find it ({|= . Thank you.
  2. What is the best site to order TCA complex from?
  3. Would that be stronger than a TCA cross treatment of 50%?
  4. Dr. Bernstein is very good, but VERY EXPENSIVE .....300 dollars just for the first consultation. He's located in Manhattan and the web site is- laserskinsurgery.com
  5. Just wanted to say thanks for your thoughts and information. Thanks!
  6. Is 18% salicylic acid stronger than most peels? Also, how does it compare in strength to the acid used in the Cross method?
  7. Mederma worked for me, but I was dilligent about putting it on at least 3-4 times a day for many, many months. I wish it had less of a smell, but it wasn't that bad where I couldn't stand it.
  8. I found this cream online and was wondering if anyone has tried it-http://www.scarsnomore.com/
  9. Animegirle, I really like the art work you post. Interesting stuff!