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  1. Day 29: No headache pimples on forehead are pissing me off no improvement. but i'm a patient lad, so no worries there Thanks for the advice imogen, it wierd though, i dont think i had an "initial breakout", ive just had constant breakouts since about week 3.
  2. Shit, well done. You look fantastic.
  3. Hi Lucinda, yeah i did mention that i've been using Vaseline. thing is though, it makes my lips looks like they've been painted on by an infant, they look all massive and smudged. I gotta try something different i think! edit: oh and the moist. stuff is called Sorbolene lotion. I have no idea if it's any good.
  4. you'll be right, mate. Good luck to ya
  5. Something involving lindsay lohan and a bottle of whipped cream
  6. Hi, my names Dexter, im 19 and a Uni student living in Tasmania, Australia Battled accutane for a long, long time now, went away for a year when i was 18. About 4 months ago though it came back...bigger, badder and uglier than ever! especially on my cheeks (facial ones ladies!!) and back (really bad)! I have very low self-esteem, and am extremely self-conscious even without this god damned acne went to see my derm, long story short, got perscription for 60mg accutane, gotta go back in 2 mont
  7. i also tried insane remedies, like grass+ water in a food processor to make "magic grass healing stuff" it didnt work, and smelled bad but i used it forever you are one crazy son of a bitch
  8. Hey guys! Just thought i'd give an update on my condition, Good news i'm glad to say! my wiener over the past few days apprears to have returned to it's previous size (i was secretly hoping it would keep on growing - wishful thinking no doubt!) the bad news is, shape wise, it still doesn't look quite.....right.. ..anyway ill spare you guys the details, thanks for the help!
  9. Heh, i aint been to the swimmin pool in like 4 years, to ashamed! hopefully accutane will soon fix that
  10. No docter i have ever talked with has said there is any evidence that an unhealthy diet causes outbreaks/acne. So eat that doughnut! take those meds! youll be right enough soon.
  11. Dex

    Accutane progress

    accutane progress
  12. Lol Tyler, i thought the decimal point would be a giveaway.
  13. jeez, dya know all those contacts? i did have more but i deleted loadz coz i hardly spoke 2 some of them lol! Please tell me you detected just a little bit of my sarcasm.
  14. Hey Vikster, is that you in the pic? If so, I can't see any acne!