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  1. I also use an exfoliator scrub after i wash my face every night. Can that be a cause to trigger my allergies even more?
  2. I started using the regimen January of 2015. And stopped later summer of that year. When i started using it again this January, it didn't really gave a lot of difference to my skin as it did when i used it the first time last year. And when i started using the AHA this spring, it gave me allergic reactions to it. At first, i really doubted that it was from the AHA so i stopped using it just to be sure. And my allergies was gone. The puffiness and the redness of my face was gone. So i started usi
  3. I feel u! I have had acne for a long time since i was 13! And then i tried using all these stuffs that i see at drugstores. Like, name all of em, i used em. Then i stumbled upon this website. I was like, might as well try it! Then i did! I used it for about more than 6 months, my face got cleared up in 4 months max. of using it. Then i stopped thinking it won't came back. But it did! Shame on me! Now, i'm starting the regimen again hoping to clear up my acne like it did before! So, my suggestio
  4. I actually use Olay as my moisturizer. And it don't break me out. I was thinking i could use that for morning and the regimen's moisturizer at night. Because a lot of people notices that my face is really red and uneven with my neck's skin tone. I break out but it gets fast to clear up.
  5. This is my 2nd week of using regimen. And i'm experiencing a pretty much, kind of amount of break outs while using the regimen. Is this normal or i'm doing something wrong with the regimen?
  6. My first week of using regimen!

  7. Tonight marks my first week of using the regimen. I'm still experiencing breakout because of my hormonal acne that i got for my monthly period. I think this is normal because I usually get acne when i'm on my period. Anyways, i'm just curious about when can you change the moisturizer you're using? Because the moisturizer from the regimen gives me a really yellow and reddish skin every time i use it when going to school. I don't often wear make up at school. I just wear makeup every weekends. I'm
  8. probably would look for that one too. But is it fine to use like baby products? Why would it not be all right? They tend to be very focused on holding moisture in baby's skin, so you want to make sure it's non-comedogenic but it's perfectly fine to use baby products. What do you fear would happen? because i've used Aveeno before. And it says its non comedogenic but it still broke me out. So im hesitating of using any products at all.
  9. Having the same problem as you, i have read a lot of stuffs about getting rid of red/dark spots. Also Dan said that use sunscreen to minimize the visibility of spots. I'm currently using a red spot cream from Korea, so far it is working. Might want to give it a try.
  10. probably would look for that one too. But is it fine to use like baby products?
  11. I'm just wondering if baby products are good to use on a day to day basis.
  12. Hi guys! Just wanted to ask if this is good as a sunscreen. yes, i know it's for babies but as much as possible, i want to use products that have no or few chemicals in it. I've used Neutrogena before and it's really strong and caused me more breakouts. So if any of you have any thoughts about this, please let me know! Thank you so much! <3