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  1. Most gluten-free breads are actually more likely to cause acne than wheat-based bread, because they're full of harmful additives/preservatives and are made from stuff like rice flour which is just as unhealthy as wheat.
  2. Yeah, sweet potatoes are good for you - regular potatoes are liable to cause acne though because they're high on the GI scale. It does depend how they're cooked - baked potatoes are the worst.
  3. Almost all grains are unhealthy. The only type of bread you can eat that won't cause acne is sprouted grain bread. Whole wheat bread is slightly better than white bread but still bad for you.
  4. Sunflower seeds are mostly fat...so if you eat more than a few you probably will break out, yeah.
  5. They're about equally healthy, but non-concentrated is a million times nicer.
  6. The reason pork is particularly bad is that pigs tend to eat whatever crap is around so their flesh is full of toxins, compared to say cows which eat only grass.
  7. I'd stop eating rice and pasta for a start...both those foods are pretty much guaranteed to cause acne. You have a good skincare regime if you're using vinegar, tea tree & aloe vera...internal factors tend to make a bigger difference than anything you put on your skin. The health of your liver and intestine/bowel are hugely related to acne...if they're clogged then your body can't eliminate toxins quickly enough and it comes out as acne. Have a look at curezone.com and you'll find a lot of