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  1. I'm surprised so many people said this girl is ugly, because if she's ugly then about 90% of the human population are hideous. Heck she's better looking than some of the models I see on TV or magazines. She's exotic and is confident enough to be playful with her makeup, when I see her video I see a young girl who's creative and not afraid to try new looks. She is a very pretty girl who is very skillful with makeup and nice enough to post a video on a website to share her makeup secrets, for f
  2. I think you look more polished with makeup, and you can see that your confidence is much higher when you have it on.
  3. Complex 15 is a lotion that I use. My regimen was to use ZUM goat's milk soap (you can use Canus too, some people prefer one to the other, I liked how ZUM smells) and then moisturize with Complex 15. It's a very simple regimen, wash face in the morning, moisturize, makeup, wash face after work, moisturize, then wash face when I go to bed (depending how long between the second wash and bed time, sometimes I rinse with water), then moisturize again. I know a lot of people don't like Complex 15
  4. Not all liquid foundation is bad for you and not all mineral makeup is good for you. I used both and I can honestly say I prefer liquid foundation. I used to use drug store brand liquid foundation (CoverGirl, Revlon, even tried Wet n' Wild once) and they always clog my pores and break me out, so I went for the longest time without using any foundation. Then I discover mineral makeup and totally bought into the craze. Long story short, I used BE for 6 months, and it ruined my skin for 2 years
  5. Try Freshlook Colorblend grey, I am Asian with dark brown eyes as well and the FL CB grey made my eyes a nice blend of grey and green. If you want blue eyes, try Freshlook Colors violet, yes I said violet. They turn my deep dark eyes vibrant blue. If you are willing to spend more money, I highly recommend the Illusions Opaque line, they will turn the darkest eyes whichever color the label says and they are very natural looking too. I have the Illusions Opaque in violet (yes I like purple eye
  6. Personally I think it's useless for foundation to have spf in it. Not because we don't need sun protection, but in order to get the required SPF onto the face, we need to put a lot of the product on. Nobody would cake on the foundation just to get the spf, it would look horrible. So having spf in the foundation will only make the wearer feel more secure than they really should. Instead, look for a moisturizer that has spf, or better yet, wear sunscreen under your makeup so you get the sun pr
  7. It really doesn't matter how much you weighed or what height, it's all about the way the outfit is put together. I've seen thin people look chunky and heavy people look thin because of the way their clothes were put together. I have exceptionally huge calves (I can't wear most knee high boots), zero butt, large bustline, and slim hips. If I am not careful, I end up looking like a line backer on top and a walking tree stump on the bottom. Talk about a worst possible combination! But does it
  8. I use Lancome's Mousse Clarte cleansing foam. Just one pump, takes all makeup off. Gentle enough for day and night, no tight feeling after I dry. And because I only need one pump to wash my face, one bottle lasts me over 6 months. The only down side is it's $28. But I rather spend that much on a product that lasts and is super effective instead of buying bottle after bottle of the cheap stuff.
  9. Yes it is possible to have virtually zero ear lobes. Mine is exactly like that, heck the only reason I don't feel so self conscious about mine is because I figure if Angelina Jolie has the same lack of ear lobes and still look hot, why am I so concern about mine. It was very hard to get my lobes pierced though, and I can't wear large earrings. Even the tiniest stud earring looks large on me.
  10. Sometimes young girls wear makeup to make themselves look older. They'll regret it when they get older and the years of caking on that crap has finally taken a toll on their perfect skin.
  11. Why do brunettes color their hair blonde? Because the American media has programmed us to believe blond is better, they have more fun, more sex appeal, more youthfulness, and plain better. Open up a beauty magazine and all the makeover always consist of making the brunette (or redhead) blonde. It's the whole Mattell Barbie look, blonde hair, blue eyed, size DD chest. Brunettes are described as blah, mousy, and plain while blondes are simply touted as better. We are conditioned to want to
  12. Lancome fan here too. They already discontinued my HG foundation (Lancome's Adaptive), if they discontinue Teint Idole or Color Ideal I'd die. So far they're the only department store foundation that doesn't break me out and actually look and feel good too.
  13. I use Lancome exclusively and had pretty good results with them. I don't break out from them and in fact, I think it helps me get clear during that time of the month. The only down side is the foundation tend to be quite matte (probably why it helps clear me up) and I have dry skin. But so far the color is good, the service is good, the feel on the face is good, the coverage is excellent, and it lasts forever before one pump is all you need for the whole face (I've been using the current bott
  14. I've given up on powder makeup in general because it not only accentuate flaws in my face but also make my skin look extra dry and make me look 10 years older. It accentuates all the fine lines on my face (sad to say I'm starting to get them ) and in the winter time it takes away any moisture my dry skin is able to retain. So now I'm back to liquid makeup, so far so good. Although I am working to going back to stop wearing makeup all together. I stopped for a while but the lure of looking b
  15. I've tried to the no poo method for about a week, and just couldn't continue because I couldn't shake the feeling that my hair is dirty and greasy. Maybe it's psychological, but I just couldn't do it. So instead I shampoo my hair every other day and deep condition every time. Seems to work for me.
  16. Take it from someone who left what worked well in the past because of the mineral makeup hype, don't fix what isn't broken. I know the less application time and natural ingredients sound so appealing, but is it worth risking a break out just to try something new? It took me forever to get back to being clear and I will never stray from my time tested old brand again. My only concern these days is the brand I use kept changing their products.
  17. I use Ponds Exfoliating Clean Sweep towlette to take off my makeup when I get home and then I rinse my face with water. At night before I go to bed I wash my face with Lancome Mousse Clarte. The combination of the two works great.
  18. Complex 15, it's the one moisturizer that I use religiously and has always fixes any skin woes I may have over night.
  19. I use it as setting powder for my liquid makeup. I mostly the pressed mineral powder, the powder foundation feels too cakey and heavy for me. So far it's been good.
  20. I think above all, your clothes make you look a certain age. If you dress more maturely (note I didn't say old), like maybe crisp dress shirts, pencil skirts, wear heels, and pantyhose, you will look older and get taken more seriously. You can play with makeup too but I often find darker makeup don't look appropriate at work or during the day. if anything they make you look like you're a young girl trying to look older. It's also the way you carry yourself. Older women tend to mind their ac
  21. Black curly hair that has a red tint under the sun, pale Asian olive skin with pink undertone, freckles on cheeks, nose, and arms. Medium brown eyes.