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  1. My condition is about the exact same as yours! Mostly around the forhead right? I'm gonna go to my doctor and see if I can get benzoyl peroxide gel, cause it worked when I had mild acne before. Maybe you can try as well
  2. I can relate to lack of motivation, but think about it this way: when you push yourself to do something that you don't want to do, you feel good right? after you've done it and got it over with. Compare that to when you are unhapppy with something and you just don't do anything at all, you don't feel as good. Actually, it's kind of creepy, from what I did read of your story, you sound a lot like how I was (or how I still am now) I'm trying to get over things too, and I also feel like others thin
  3. same, well for alcohol. I'm like tipsy 90 percent of the time at work. It makes me feel more secure, but I don't get drunk (or to the point were you can't walk or talk normally) anyways I'm pretty sad I guess.
  4. I don't even have acne anymore, and yet I still have the same physcological symptoms of acne dysmorphia as when I had acne. I still NEVER can look in mirrors, i hate when people look at my face from close p and bright lights.
  5. Just basically any guy who likes getting drunk on a Friday night watching the hockey game avec moi. He would also be employed, somewhat mature and not still mouching off his parents.
  6. I didn't read anyone elses post in this thread, so if someone posted this already then Im sorry, but for some people its actually easier to find a boyfriend, or girlfriend more then it is to make friends (maybe it's quite a bit more easier for girls since theyre usually the ones being asked out) A friend I used to know was like this actually. A lot of people didn't like her cause she was a slut and kind of snobby too, and outside of her "aquaintance" type friends, her boyfriend(s) were the onl
  7. wow. same here! agoraphobia sucks, actually any type of social anxiety disorder/ paranoia is a real drag
  8. It's not that I'm on her side or anything, but did you do anything to provoke her behavior? cause most people don't go calling people sluts, c**** for no reason. Unless shes jealous of you of something. I have never done anything to provoke her, in fact we’ve never actually had much of a conversation. Since we first met we’ve never got on, in fact I can remember the first time I got introduced to her, that night she’d been walking round making bitchy comments about me. I get on rather well wi
  9. It's not that I'm on her side or anything, but did you do anything to provoke her behavior? cause most people don't go calling people sluts, c**** for no reason. Unless shes jealous of you of something.
  10. I know what your going through, I almost quit my work too once all because of acne. I ended up missing lots and always said I was sick.
  11. Yes it's real. I used to have it. However keep in mind that there is a difference between being bipolar and just having normal mood swings. If you're not sure you have it, either you most likely don't or you're just confused. If the latter is the case, maybe see a specialist about it.
  12. oh I'm with you. I can't stand people who don't give two shits about the environment. This world is dying, we live with it, not on it. How can you not care?
  13. So believe you can be okay even when you know your not? It wouldn't be easy for me but I can definely see it working more than not believing, cause how would that get you anywhere. Thanks elsewhere
  14. It's not easy though. Cause sometimes you can have your closest friends, family tell you that and yet you, yourself cant see it. It's kind of ironic how you can put all your trust into people you love and sometimes can't believe them when they tell you things are gonna work out.
  15. No, don't worry. At first I thought you said that to the mom herself. That would of been worse (in my opinion) cause, even though babys can't have acne, it's not like you can truely dislike them by comparing yourself to them, I mean there babys. Yet, if you said it to the mother, she might always be thinking you hate her through envy or sumthing.
  16. I've never had too many cysts before, but I know what you mean. I have had pimples hit or scratched off. And then theres this big red spot in result from irritation, then people are like woah whats up with the red spot? Not fun.
  17. I have a hard time believing that. Unless a person has never heard music in their life, how could they miss it? But, some people have actually had their lifes changed completely because of some lyrics. When this happens to you, you'll undestand what I mean.