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  1. Can you take these together? Please e-mail me at [email protected]
  2. I am about to go on accutane on the 27th of Dec and I have been on Antibiotics I am fairly clear of large painful zits, however I have small bumps all over, Was wondering if starting accuatne from Antibiotics will help with the inital Breakout. Thanks for your advice
  3. Ive been using this for 18 days now and doesnt seem to be doing much do you all aply once a day? I feel like I must be doing something wrong when I applied twice a day got way to dry but did clear but it was dry to the point wer ei couldnt smile, once a day and I just keep breaking out.... Im getting soo tired of this stuff. any advice?
  4. I use Duac but dont know if i should use it morning or at night i wear makeup so thought it would be better to wear during the day please advise
  5. Im on Duac and clindamycin lotion and I take Keflex or Cephalexin twice daily was wondering how long it takes for the antibiotic to work im on day 7 and seems worse HELP
  6. Whos done this? Does the break out come worse? how do you wean off? What did you all do please respond Thanks
  7. I think it wouldnt hurt to try... you always can come back if it doesnt work out, Clear skin is definatly a great thing do whatever you can to get it....even if that means trying something else.
  8. I was wondering if your skin is still peeling and sometimes red is it ok to use this lotion or is it harsher on your skin than cetaphil?
  9. My skin seems to get way to dry without cetaphil I have tried other moisturizers, is lactic five as moisturizing as cetaphil is? BY the way I started at the same time and have zits everywhere worse than when I started!
  10. Is the moisturizer really going to make a difference? Everyone raves about cetaphil.... Now I just feel like im being stringed along Im staying on it for one more week and then Im done! Thanks BY the way my skin is dry enough whyw ould I put more acne fighting agents on it
  11. IM doing it all as specified maybe not taking 10 minutes to rub it in, but I am being gentle
  12. can you give us an update did the switch help for long
  13. OK been on the Bp for 2 Months now Dans wash and BP and cetaphil moisturizer twice a day. My skin gets dry then breaks out, I get pimples ones that hurt around my mouth and chin area, seems like 2 months in everything should be pretty clear right? WRONG.... I just keep breaking out. I wasnt even that bad before I had mild Acne that was persistant.... is it time to try something else? or stop using it around my mouth and chin? PLEASE HELP im getting very sick of this