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  1. I'm starting to get patches of skin that feel like tiny itchy blisters, and they're oozing? I'm thinking this is an allergic reaction? These patches of skin are really itchy
  2. I started on the regimen around late December to clear my moderate acne and clogged pores that affect my cheeks and chin/jaw. While it's definitely purged at least 80% of these clogged pores, my face is EXTREMELY itchy, red and flaky. Some mornings I'll apply moisturiser before BP just to give my skin some protection but even moisturiser alone itches and burns. I tried the regimen years ago but after a few months had the same issues so gave up. I'm desperate for this to work as my last option is
  3. That's okay, have you noticed improvement with overall skin health/tolerance? so nivea and vaseline made it worse? I actually thought they'd help, how strange. I have heard a lot of good things about Cerave and theres this brand Aveeno that seems to have good reviews for moisteriser and face wash - their products are for dry and sensitive skin. My skin is over dried from the Acne org regimen so I need a better moisteriser. Thank you for your response! I actually decided not to take accutane.
  4. So you think it got too dehydrated? What were you moisterising with? I actually tried Vaseline too but wasn't sure if it was breaking me out. I'm worried my face is over dried from the BP and that accutane will scar me worse, should I lay off the regimen a week before starting accutane? I'm currently using 'Simple light hydrating moisteriser' but it's definitely too light. However whenever I try something heavier I'm always scared it's breaking me out. I'm thinking of ordering CeraVe or eucerin
  5. Yep the previous derm suggested the oral erythromycin to help with the IB. I'll see what this new derm thinks. Are you currently on roaccutane?
  6. I have a dermatologist appointment next Thursday and for the past week have been going CRAZY trying to decide whether or not to take roaccutane. I was told by a different dermatologist several months ago that as I'd tried lots of topicals, peels etc that roaccutane is my last option, and he also expressed concern about some scarring on my cheeks. However, after much thought I decided not to take his advice, and instead chose the acne org regimen. It's been 3 months. While it's cleared most of m
  7. I'm wondering which is more effective if acne is hormonal? I've read some fantastic reviews about Diane but also very dismal ones, and while accutane has a good track record for definitely clearing the skin, whether temporary or not, Diane doesn't. However, won't acne just return after accutane if it's hormonal? And will acne come back 10x worse if you go off the pill? So conflicted and really not sure which way to go. Will using a topical while on the pill minimise any initial breakouts, if
  8. Aw damn! I know what you mean though, some days my skin looks better than others. I've also heard that spiro takes a long time and the whole gets worse before it gets better thing. Maybe start every second day with the tretinoin and just wash gently? I'm sure you're already doing those things anyway, but I used Differin last year, a weaker retinoid, which helped a lot looking back but after trying it again in January, it didn't work the same for some reason. Definitely stick it out with spiro an
  9. I've actually started using garnier micellar water for makeup removal and that, along with GENTLY lathering up a face cloth and lightly using circular motions over my face has helped. Still a bit flakey and super itchy but I think it's getting better and smoother despite the breakouts, approaching week 9 now.
  10. I'm so glad you found success! I actually ended up starting the acne org regimen in May and despite the fact most of my closed comedones purged and became inflamed, my skin feels a bit smoother now, especially my forehead (so hopefully it's working.) But yes I have heard great things about salt water and when summer comes back around I'm going to go to the beach all the time! Are you still using tretinoin and spiro? I'm going to stick it out with the regimen because I'm in wk 8 and think I'm see
  11. I will try that, my skin is terribly flaky. Thank you for your suggestions, I don't eat meat or dairy anyway. It's also the texture of my skin; did yours look really parched, blotchy and scaly? I'm trying my best not to pick or analyse in the mirror anymore. Thank you!
  12. Your skin looks incredible, so happy for you! I'm on week 5 and things are really bad but I'm hoping it gets better soon. When did you notice things looking up?
  13. I'm starting week 5 of the regimen and despite working my way up to full dosage, my skin is flaky, red and really broken out. Just when I thought things were looking up I suddenly have several new pimples everywhere. I tried jojoba oil for flakes but I ended up with a few hard painful pimples, and I made sure it was completely organic and cold pressed. I'll admit I pop my pimples sometimes but I'm trying my best not to. I wear makeup and it looks awful but it's better than going out bare faced,
  14. Did your skin end up clearing on the regimen? I really hope it all worked out for you, I know this feeling all too well and it truly sucks - I'm on week 4 at the moment.
  15. Thanks for your suggestions! I think I will buy ceraVe PM, is it okay to use in the day as well? I've heard good things about hemp seed oil, I plan on doing a patch test for a week or so to see how it affects my skin. What brand is the rose water and glycerin lotion?