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  1. Oh my lord this is the most disgusting and vile drink i've ever probably tasted. But since you said it can clear the skin, who cares about the taste lol?? I think it's worth it.
  2. Hey guys! I just thought I would share with everyone that I found an herbal acne cream that actually worked on me. It didn't completely erase all of my zits, but It worked a lot better than any other cream I used.Within a two weeks it cleared some spots and some zits from occuring.I really believe it reduced a lot of redness and scars. It's very cheap, and I recommend you use the gentle wash gel with it. Here are the links, the cream is called The Herbal Acne-N-Pimple Cream, and the wash is ca
  3. i dunno it said something about makeup like precautions about it im just wondering which one to apply how to apply it you know that kind of questions i need answered =/
  4. I am thinking about using the liquid type concealer. The brand is Lumine. I am about a month and a half into the regimen what do you think about using it?
  5. No I haven't. I do not know where to get them tho =/ Thank you so much for all this adivice, i will try the regimen. This site has really been helpful, if it wasn't for you guys i would have still been using all those harsh products that don't even work and damage the skin.... Thank you!
  6. Oh my god congratulations! wow that is pretty great but your solution is pretty complicated because i have no idea on what the half of those items you are using are and i have never heard of them! Can you please pm me and give me a few tips i have exactly the same look you had 3 weeks ago! help!
  7. Aspirin mask? No unfortunately my acne has escalated into something workse than spots. Its not THAT bad, but theres some redness and clusters on the cheeks i want to get rid of. That's about the only places on my face that needs a little fixing.
  8. So I've had this acne about two years. I am 15 now, and I cant control the ones i have on my cheeks mostly. I've tried alot of products (clean and clear, neutrogena, clearisil,zapzyt etc.) im currently on AcneFree and i have been using it for almost two months, and i don't see any results, maybe just a couple of spots clear up but then more and more zits appear. The pics isnt so clear but as you can see theres plenty of red spots on my cheeks, and that is what im mainly focusing on. How do i sto