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  1. I need some ideas for shopping online for womens/juniors clothing and shoes. What are your favorite online places to shop? I moved overseas and am a little depressed with the shopping here, and I tried a few places I know of already but few offer international shipping to here. Thanks ladies!
  2. Oh I tried that cold cream stuff before. Definately didnt like it, but I spose its useful if you use colorstay or other stuff thats hard to get off. I defintately would wash that stuff off afterwards though. Another tip for eye, jojoba oil. I take a cotton rouned, put a bit of warm water on it, then add a few drops of jojoba oil, smoosh it in to it blends with the water and it takes off all the makeup. Use the reverse clean side to get any residue off. I got my almay wipes, I really like the
  3. Not sure if they sell these anymore but get a Tide Spinbrush. I had one that I got for free and never used it (for clothes), then when I tried to see if it would make a good facebrush I used it and it did a pretty good job. Otherwise lately Im just using a washcloth with my cleanser.
  4. I agree, the one that gives the best example of that is Fafinettex3, she has had some good tutorials and nice style, but lately its been nothing but hauls. C'mon seriously do we have to see everything she buys? And I almost unsubscribed from her too because one subscriber wrote their opinion about how she doesnt have to show the name of a color printed on the package after she both said the name and has it written on several sources (plus..most the time you cant read it anyways?!?!). But instead
  5. Yeah, sometimes I wonder what is soo spectacular about seeing them open a package for the very first time like seeing their initial expression is like witnessing a miracle or something, as if that is supposed to be better than an actual review where they've tried and tested the product?
  6. Ok all you youtubers! I thought I'd create a little poll about youtube in regards to beauty videos. I started watching them quite a long time ago when they were really just starting to become popular and I've just noticed that more and more people are starting their own makeup "Guru" channels, and I have subsequently created quite the subscription list. I love watching particularly talented people work their magic as it amazes me, then you got others posting things like hauls, which I can stan
  7. If you want a non-mineral make up rec and since you said your skin was dry and flaky, I will have to say Almay's Line Smoothing cream foundation in their lightest color in Ivory. Now I think Almay and Revlon might be the same company so if Buff works for you in colorstay it might be the same in Almay, and ivory is lighter if you need. The line smoothing is very natural looking with buildeable coverage as I have noticed, and it has ingredients such as green and white tea, cucumber, aloe, grape se
  8. Generally I dont use any makeup remover before washing my face, I just make sure I rinse first with warm water, but I use almay's line smoothing cream foundation which isnt really heavy so if you use a heavy foundation like colorstay or something, you probably either do a pre-wash with the same cleanser or use some makeup remover wipes, Im planning to get Almay's since they are non-irritating and fragrance free (according to reviews) for my lazy days when I just wanna crash in my bed.
  9. I love the cream for the winter since my complex 15 just doesnt cut it in the -10 to 10 degree temps here. The lotion I use for my body cause I think it absorbs well, although if it were extra dry I'd use the cream. I didnt like how the lotion felt filmy on my face though. If you get the cream, try to get the one that has lactic acid as the end ingredient, thats how I know its not the one where the formula was changed, the walmart off-brand has it and works just as well (and cheaper)
  10. I have long hair and for a while now I've been using this conditioner from Sally's beauty supply, Its the Biotera brand Revitalizing conditioner and I love it because it makes my hair feel soft and easy to comb through. I also like to use some type of leave in treatment just to protect my ends better, right now I use Biolage Hydra-Seal leave in creme but when that's used up I might move to either Redken Anti-snap or Beyond the Zone Split mender (a fav of Pursebuzz's). As far as shampoo goes, I w
  11. Yay a perfume thread! Some of my favorites Flowers by Kenzo 360 degrees by Perry Ellis Lancome Miracle Heavenly by Victorias Secret Insolence by Guerlain (not "My insolence") and one that Im really wanting to try is Amazing Grace by Philosophy because I got a sample of the scented lotion and I LOOved it! I like clean, flowery scents. Sometimes if I put too much Insolense on my neck it doesnt smell the same as when I only put it on my wrists, but its still nice.
  12. I think using it this way is fun, its neat how you can smear it on and flick it back off, it kinda makes waxing more interesting. I hated having to have the wax at the right temperature (not too hot, not too cold) this way you just have to work up the mass to get the right consistancy and your body warmth keeps it just right when you start using it. Yeah if I can be able to make this stuff myself I would be soo happy because omg it would be the absolute cheapest beauty regimen I use. Its just su
  13. Sometimes with thicker hair/follicles its hard to avoid bleeding. It might stop after a few times of waxing because the hair is supposed to grow back more sparse. Not all hair will grow back at the same rate, that happens to me too where some hair will grow back faster than others. Yeah it definately makes you skin soft too! Thats just another reason I love it. I also thinkn it is helping with ingrowns since it exfoliates so nice and with other waxing before I had trouble with them, I think i
  14. Sugaring!!! Has anyone ever tried this before? I know a lot of you have probably used a sugar based wax before (which is also called sugaring) but I've learned that their are two ways to do sugaring. You can either use the sugarwax the traditional way by heating it, applying a thin layer, and removing it with a strip of cloth....or you can do it the OTHER way where you use a wad of the wax at room temp, taffy like and then press it against your skin and flick it off....Ive just learned to use
  15. Well, I ordered my items on the 17th and received them today! So about a week or so for shipping I guess, not bad at all, its normal. I of course was missing the 3 blusher that I ordered, and I emailed them about it so we'll see what kind of customer service they give. I was really pleasantly suprised that I pretty much like everything I ordered. The all over color sticks, eyeshadow and liquid lipsticks are nicely pigmented. I like the eyelash curler but ill have to say that it is a bit hard to
  16. I must be a minority, I prefer doing my makeup in natural light, also I returned this makeup mirror I bought online because it DIDNT have flourescent lighting and replaced it with one that did...it was just way more bright. Also in Macys at their clinique counter where they have all their testers, I like the way I look with those lights, and thats probably one of the places where the lighting makes me feel the most confident. Maybe Im not thinking of the way my skin looks since no matter what i
  17. I recommend if you do wash it every day depending on your own preference, just wash the scalp area and condition the ends. Natural oils are very imporant for keeping your hair healthy and soft. Think of it as like a sponge, if you add water to it, it will obsorb the water and be soft for a while, but then dry out and eventually become hard. However if you put oil on it, it will absorb the oil and stay soft because the oil wont dry out. Im not saying to add oil or anything to your hair (although
  18. Agreed^ And um well yes, some of it is bad and some of it is good. People have different opinions though too. Just because one product is expensive and most people liked it doesnt mean it cant be a terrible product for another person. Why do people look at the price and a few bad reviews and never consider trying some things themselves, its like all the positive reviews are ignored just based on the cost, and with ELF theres tons of positive reviews as well as negative. Its not like all expensiv
  19. Yes, I have their Neutral "get the look" set which includes the *tweezers - they are AWSOME! *eyeshadow brush (not the blending one, thats really bad) - which is also AWSOME! *lash and brow clear mascara - its pretty good for what an eyelash/brow clear gel does *brown eyeliner pencil - good staying power, ive only tried it on my hand and could barely rub all of it off although it might be too hard to get on your eye, so the reviews say *eyeshadow quad that has really nice neutral colors which h
  20. Well..I for one cant stand why every little thought someone has about a product has to have a video about it. Its like youtube turned into a live blog, although I guess theres a lot more pointless videos but these are just getting old. What ever happened to actual tutorials? Theres only a million review videos by anyone and everyone about the same product, its not makeupalley! A waste of my time to say the least. I wont get the 3 minutes of my life that it took to watch the video and read the st
  21. Ok so Ive heard UDPP is amazing, what exactly does it do? I dont have a huge problem with oily eyelids or anything so my L'oreal de-crease works just fine. How is it so amazing compaired to other things you've (UDPP users) tried?
  22. Im for good old Vaseline, you can buy it in tube form although sometimes I feel like the jar form works better but the tube form is best for in your purse. I have softlips and burts bees as well, alhtough both the ones I have must have menthol or something in them and I dont like that cool feeling every time I want to moisten my lips, idk maybe theres other kinds without the cool feeling. I also have that MK satin lips, its nice, too spendy though.
  23. I believe Este Lauder also owns the Kohls line too right? Anyways, for me I dont worry about who own's what, its just corporate matters, doesnt mean all their products are the same, I know Revlon and Almay are the same company (if not owned also by another parent company) but I wont ever think that Revlon's products are just as acne friendly as Amlay's (IMO).
  24. Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser - strong perfumy smell, not as gentle as it claims. Mabelline XXL mascara - it will straighten your lashes after you've worked so hard to curl them because its to "wet" of a mascara. Physicials formula Color Corrective Moisturizing Lotion (green facetint), supposed to be for redness but doesnt do a darn thing, although I love their green concealer and powder. Im sure theres more but cant think of em all
  25. Ok so you're just saying you use those body lotions as a moisturizer before your makeup? Technically using a moisturizer is considered "priming" your skin for makeup but Molly meant more of what primer you use as in a post moisturizer/pre foundation primer. There is a different purpose for this type a primer such as keeping your make on longer, less oil, etc. ************************************ Ok anywho, it will feel greasy if you have to much is what I think. if you just put a little bit