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  1. oh my freaking god, try mario badescu! seriously, i love the drying lotion, + all their products, + i'm nearly clear! don't passs on it, try it! i LOVE mario badescu. try it. haha.(: really, try itt.

  2. Hi guys, so i was using revlon colorstay foundation combo/oily skin in ivory for the past 2 1/2 weeks and i like it a lot, but sometimes i don't really like the coverage. So i took an empty everyday minerals sample jar, sanitized it, and I mixed "Dove Face Care Deep Moisture Facial Lotion" and my colorstay together to form a sort of tinted moistuizer. And suprisingly, it went on really smooth and silky with just enough coverage to cover my red marks and redness. Then, for my pimples, i used ever
  3. I wash my face with philosophy's Purity Made Simple. It works well to remove my face and eye makeup as well as cleansing my skin.
  4. thanks for all of the helpful information! I will definately be trying this sometime
  5. I am interested as well, my skin is really dry and dehydrated right now No matter how much water I drink
  6. Thanks very much! Are all these products online? And are you sensitive to mica too? =D Hmm, well at least you've seen improvement. I've just been applying a little bit of PF's concealer, no foundation or anything. I'm just trying to make it slightly less obvious without using a whole lot of make-up. Mine seems to have been improving since I've stopped using EDM and any products containing mica, which is very good =D that's really good that yours is improving too! I am really thinki
  7. Aww that really sucks. Has it improved since you stopped using EDM? I'm actually not positive that it's the EDM giving me cysts, I just know it's the only thing I've changed and I never got cysts before. I did alot of research and found that mica can cause cysts especially in acne-prone individuals, so it seems like a logical explanation. well, yes the acne has improved but i can't say that it is from not applying EDM or just from not applying makeup in general. I will have to use a differ
  8. Im having the same problem! I have been using everyday minerals so far for 3 monthes. I absolutely love that the foundation and concealer match my skin perfectly. Also, the coverage is wonderful..the concealer hides my dark undereye circles, blemishes, red marks, ect. However, 2 monthes ago I started breaking out in between my eyebrows and around that area on my forehead. I have never broken out there before and It's gotten to the point where no matter how much concealer or foundation that i
  9. If you want my opinion, everyday minerals is great! (i use it every day) but even with the original glo formula it will probaly accentuate any flakiness or dry patches. I don't care what kind of mineral or powder makeup is out there, they all can accentuate dryness at one time or another which I hate. However, if you use a good moisturizer and be sure to exfoliate, everyday minerals looks flawless on. but, just saying
  10. my favorite moisturizer is cerave moisturizing lotion, not the cream, it's very nice. I like it because it is pretty lightweight, not heavy or greasy, but i can add more to build up the moisture if my skin is really dry. It does a pretty good job at getting rid of the "flakies" but it doesn't get rid of them all, which I just take care of with exfoliation. The only thing that I do not like about it is that you will need to wait a while, like 10-15 minutes before applying foundation because it do
  11. Oh, and I forgot to mention that I am also using finacea once a day, in the morning. I have been using it so far for almost 2 months.
  12. So I went to my dermatologist today and I told her that I was getting annoyed with the acne on my face and back. At first she said that my face acne was pretty mild but that was only because I had makeup on and she could not see how bad it really was! Plus, right now my acne is not too bad but next week it will be horrible again! And my back is really really bad right now, not like it is ever good haha. This is what she prescribed me: Topical: Differin(0.1%)- apply to back and a pea-sized a
  13. So, yesterday my mom and I went to a esthetician's office close to where my mom works. my mom bought a jar of the mario badescu's drying lotion, i think i will pass on trying it lol. and the two ladies that worked there reccommended the Murad body wash for my bacne (it was almost 40 bucks including tax!) I was almost positive that they reccommended it because it was so expensive haha. So.. has anyone used it and have comments on it? I'm scared to try it, because my skin doesnt particulary lik
  14. I just got hoola a few weeks ago actually. And I really, really like it. It's a true brown matte bronzer, no red/orange tones, and no shimmer or glitter at all. yet it gives a nice warm glow. It looks very natural...my friends couldn't even tell I was wearing a bronzer. haha Overall, i really like it alot. Edit: Sorry, I don't think that i answered your question. It's not really like a blush at all. But i really do think it's worth the money if your looking for a great natural bronzer.