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  1. Your scarring is very mild. I wouldn't do anything more than a light TCA peel at home or potentially dermastamping. Topicals might even help. Definitely wouldn't do lasers or anything invasive.
  2. Your skin looks great. I would probably just do some needling with a Derminator at home and light TCA peels.
  3. Definitely some serious bruising, which can be a good thing when it comes to subcision. I would apply arnica gel to the area and eat a healthy anti-inflammatory diet. Suctioning may not be a good idea. It'll take time but will go away, wish you the best.
  4. Many of us would love to track your son's progress. Even if he doesn't want any pictures taken, discussing the healing time table and eventual results would be wonderful! Thank you for sharing.
  5. Rullan and Lim are world-class dermatologists who have successfully treated and improved the quality of life of hundreds, if not thousands, of patients. It's going to be expensive to get coaching or treatment by professionals who are elite at their craft, regardless of what field it's in. Subcision and phenol peels are very invasive and come along with significant risk, so seeing the most experienced doctors with a verifiable track record of success is one of the best things you can do. Of cours
  6. Thanks for sharing. Look forward to tracking your progress and seeing the time frame for when demarcation lines fade and pigment returns. Your skin looks much smoother and shallow scars look nonexistent, well over 20% improvement in my opinion.
  7. I have done many subcision sessions over the last five years and they have definitely improved my scarring. Peels, needling and lasers didn't yield much improvement because I had pitted scarring and the texture from scarred areas to unscarred areas is too significant for needling or at-home TCA peels to make any major difference. I have definitely felt happier with the success I've gotten, but you need to be careful you don't go overboard and continue moving the goal posts over time. Someti
  8. Mine did eventually resolve, and in fact, I learned to love nodules. Often times they're the only things preventing pitted scarring from returning to their sunken state. Mine took anywhere from a couple weeks to a few months to resolve. They usually linger beneath the surface of the skin, some are gone altogether. I did the massaging and stuff, not sure if that worked. I think you skin looks better post-subcision than before, and you should continue to get a few more treatments in areas with pit
  9. Dr. Rullan is the best in the business for acne scarring so I would definitely see him over a different dermatologist, especially since you can vouch for his work yourself. I'm skeptical a lighter peel, RF or Erbium would reduce your pores, but hope to be proven wrong. I think it would require something more substantial like his phenol chemabrasion, but it is such a gnarly procedure that requires a lot of money, time and mental fortitude. It is not for everyone, myself included at this stage of
  10. I think your best bet is Rullan's phenol chemabrasion. It's very expensive and has extensive downtime, but it is likely your best option.
  11. BA contributed so much valuable information to this community. He was so selfless and encouraging. It's a travesty some narcissistic posters caused him to abandon this forum.
  12. Scarredandsad34, I just want to say this to you. I understand that your scar caused and causes you a lot of physical and psychological pain and suffering, but the way you came onto the message board, claimed that your life was over, and that you were extremely disfigured, was disrespectful to a lot of posters who have endured severe acne and the scarring that ensues. It made many of us feel even worse about our situation. While acne can be traumatic, your isolated incident is quite differen
  13. "I don't understand why needling is allowed to be promoted as a scar treatment. I guess it's all about the Benjamin's." This is a perfect example of your narcissism. Have you not seen the success from many others who Dermastamp like Remicade and DC Girl? You believe that just because you didn't find success with the treatment, that it shouldn't be successful for anyone else. If it doesn't work for you, it's totally useless! You also posted that scarring cannot be fixed so don't pay for your
  14. I'm using a 2.0 depth so pretty deep. Started at 15% TCA now up to 21%. Downtime for TCA is usually a week. No, I'm not using retin or tazorac.
  15. I'm currently alternating every two weeks between dermastamping and TCA peels. It's a slow process, not sure it's really helping, but I'm going to give it a year.