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  1. BA contributed so much valuable information to this community. He was so selfless and encouraging. It's a travesty some narcissistic posters caused him to abandon this forum.
  2. Scarredandsad34, I just want to say this to you. I understand that your scar caused and causes you a lot of physical and psychological pain and suffering, but the way you came onto the message board, claimed that your life was over, and that you were extremely disfigured, was disrespectful to a lot of posters who have endured severe acne and the scarring that ensues. It made many of us feel even worse about our situation. While acne can be traumatic, your isolated incident is quite differen
  3. "I don't understand why needling is allowed to be promoted as a scar treatment. I guess it's all about the Benjamin's." This is a perfect example of your narcissism. Have you not seen the success from many others who Dermastamp like Remicade and DC Girl? You believe that just because you didn't find success with the treatment, that it shouldn't be successful for anyone else. If it doesn't work for you, it's totally useless! You also posted that scarring cannot be fixed so don't pay for your
  4. I'm using a 2.0 depth so pretty deep. Started at 15% TCA now up to 21%. Downtime for TCA is usually a week. No, I'm not using retin or tazorac.
  5. I'm currently alternating every two weeks between dermastamping and TCA peels. It's a slow process, not sure it's really helping, but I'm going to give it a year.
  6. Thanks for your response. Yeah I'm done with lasers. The first one was okay, but the last three were unnecessary. I heal quickly. My skin is back to normal after a week from 18% TCA peels and five days after 2.0 needling. I've had subcision and suction done on my pitted scar, but it doesn't work well for my boxcar and icepicks and I don't want to risk having more nodules as a result, because those suck.
  7. Hi everyone, Over the last five months, I've alternated 2.0 needling and TCA peels every other two weeks with very little improvement to show. I also have done four CO2 lasers over the last year and a half, and got minimal improvement. It's devastating and has derailed my life and I was wondering if you guys had any suggestions. I want to try dermabrasion, but I'm scared of the horror stories and don't want to risk my skin getting worse than it already is. Thanks.
  8. @blahblah82 thanks for your response. I did have a very light dose of kenalog (2 mg/ml I believe), so I guess I shouldn't have expected it to disappear. I'd rather have a lump than another crater on my face as a result of atrophy, so I don't know if I'll get another kenalog shot or just let it play out. Mr. Matt recommended ice and just hoping it goes away over time. Here's a picture, let me know if you have any suggestions.
  9. I totally feel this, but your qualifications and experience will trump your facial appearance. You just have to try and be confident in your abilities (easier said than done), but ultimately it's your work ethic and abilities that will shine through.
  10. Update: I have a serious nodule that is persistent as a result of the subcision. It is very noticeable and to be frank, I might not have had the procedure done, had I known this would have occurred. I had a kenalog shot done to it, which did absolutely nothing. For anyone who has experienced this, is there anything I can do? Has anyone had excision done on the nodule to cut out the excess skin? It's annoying as hell and people have commented on it. I really do not want to live with this.