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    _*love's*_<br /><br />-music<br />-books<br />-writing-<br />-criminology-<br />-clothes, especially knee socks<br />-shoes<3<br />-boys w guitars<br />-holding hands with the RIGHT person<br />-hanging out w my friends<br />-laughing<br />-hockey<br />-cuddling-<br />-snowboarding <br />-sleeping, lol-<br /><br /><br />_*does NOT love*_<br /><br />-snobby people<br />-acne! [email protected] hehe<br />-frilly things<br />-ignorance
  1. I don't so much have to *pick* my skin as to have to look at it every chance I get & to touch it to feel if there are any bumps . It is frustrating though because I can't control the urge
  2. soooooooo. I haveen't posted here in a couple months I finally got back on the bc i wanted to and yeah my skin has improved a BIT. But I'm still sick of breaking out. WHy wont my skin just STOP iT all together!!!!!! It goes almost CLEAR for like a week and a half and then goes nuts again I'm sick of waking up every freaking day and seeing the MONSTER that i am. Why can't i just wake up ONE SINGLE DAY and have OKAY skin? =/ blah it sucks being UGLY. My boyfriend stopped liking me as soon as my
  3. what gets to me the most is when people tell you " don't care so much" "just make yourself ignore it", "don't let it bug you" " don't be so vain" blah blah blah oh & " go to the tanning salon" yeah okay I'll get right on that
  4. where've you been?

  5. Went through that for the whole of last week. I hate it. The "pretending to be happy at work" face is slowly driving me insane. I wish I could scowl and not talk to anyone.
  6. I'm blue abidi abideye abidi abideye abidi abideye... and so forth

  7. I dunno I think I might have Rosacea of some sort " In addition to persistent redness, bumps (papules) and/or pimples (pustules) are common in many rosacea sufferers. Some patients may also experience raised red patches known as plaques. " ^ My skin is continuously flushing a deep red colour & I do have somered scaly patches on my cheeks. They don't really seem like pimples, Although I do have those aswell. After reading some information on the net. I am wondering whether or not I could
  8. Cheer up fellow canucker!!!

  9. you're wonderful. *hug* i hope you feel better.

  10. You will never get to be a NORMAL looking person. You will never have the privilidge(sp?) of not having to worry about your skin looking like a volcano erupted, TWICE. Sorry my dear friend, I guess you just got sh*t out of luck in this lifetime. I know you've been through a million Products/Prescriptions & all failed. You're 20, obviously it's NOT going to go away. Let's face it sweetheart, you've got this for LIFE and guess what? No one gives a f*ck either They call you "shallow" or "vai
  11. Being depressed is NORMAL everyday thing for me now When i'm not depressed about my skin someone better make a freaking article about it because that would be AMAZING. I don't think my skin is ever going to get better and knowing that I'm doomed for the rest of my life with this crap is a pretty good reason to dwell in my sorrow, i think. Ha this is turning into a rant =0 I hope you feel better though <3
  12. I wasted 5 months on this CRAP all it did was aggravate my acne and cause scaly rough patches