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  1. Tricia, I'm not sure about V-Beam. But I think the laser I did is also called cooltouch. Done my second session yesterday. No, no bruising at all for me. The face turned pretty red right after the laser, but recovered almost completely the next morning. Super, while IPL does not work for us (or me, at least), it might work for you. Try do discuss this with your derm. Everyone's skin is different. You can try to reduce your risk of being 'duped' by reading posts here, and if more than 50% of pe
  2. All the derms I went to said "it will fade with time". Yeah right. The last one I went to suggested laser (nd-yag). I did once, and its much better. Going for my second session tomorrow. I combine the laser with microderm, though I've done microderm like 18 times before without significant results. But, just wishing, hoping that when combined with laser, it'll give me maximum results. Wish me luck.
  3. Get treatment for depression first, then after you've sorted that, sort your skin out. None of us can make you fell good here, unless you sort the depression out. Telling you this from personal experience. Good luck.
  4. I did IPL three times. My advice, don't waste your money. It does nothing for me. Not even the redness. Its supposed to control the oilies too, nope. Not for me. I tried laser (ND-YAG) last month for the first time, and I can see some difference. Pores a tiny bit smaller and the redness is reduced. Not sure about the indented scars, cause I have too many to notice. Going for my second session tomorrow. I took a package of 5 sessions, and I think the doctor gave the first session for free.
  5. Don't know about the AHA and foundationg thingy, but yes, its difficult to put on liquid foundation after bp. I use Cetaphil as moisturiser, but it still is the same. Lately, I've just purchased a foundation brush, and it works pretty well. Still a little balling up, but not that noticeable. HTHs!
  6. Oh dear, I just started using Mac Select SPF 15 foundation. Darn it. The review for the STudio Fix version is pretty bad. Should've known. anise, hope your skin has recovered by now.
  7. Or you can try Illuminare's mineral liquid foundation? I tried the Ultimate All Day, and its not bad. I use Cetaphil under it, so it can get oily after a while, but there is some form of oil control there. I think its totally matte if you dont use moisturiser, but I've got dehydrated surface, so it doesnt work on me. Too matte. www.illuminare.com. Top notch Customer Service too. Btw, I don't work for illuminare. I live in Malaysia, and Illuminare's in the States. HTHs!
  8. I've a jar of it. I think it's pretty much like any other manual scrubs. Many people said they achieved the balled-up effect (e.g. microdermabrasion), but I dont. Still, it does make the skin softer, smoother and clearer after using it. Effect doesn't last unless you keep using it.
  9. Tamara, do they have Retin A Micro with hydroquinone? Or, are you talking about using two products?
  10. Tried it. Doesn't really exfoliate. But then again, I only use it on my body. Not face. But, the consolation is that its FDA approved.
  11. I've tried it once. Maya is right, its just scents, for Body Shop.
  12. If they use apricot kernels or seeds or pits, then its not good. Thats because it has rough edges. This will cause micro scarring on your skin.
  13. I've never been on accutane, but, personally, and from what others have said, I'd stay clear of anything harsh on the skin whilst on accutane, if I were you. You might actually cause more damage than good. It will clear your acne in time, just be patient.