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  1. Omg, I didn't know you could be prescribed Vit D that high - I will have to ask about it. Thanks for the comment Cindy! GreenEyes - I just have the measly 1000IU's tablets and I just take one a day - but when I realise its been quite a few days without any sun I will take two. It really isn't much so I will look into getting a prescription which will help me over the Winter period. For those acne sufferers trying out this method, I would be interested in hearing what 'level' Vit D result t
  2. My REGIME: Cleanse with an exfoliant: AKIN - Jojoba and Corn, Gentle exfoliating facial scrub with Vit B5 and witch hazel. Every morning and night. Moisturise with: Lalisse Oil Free Moisturiser morning and night Treatment cream: Neostrata Ultra Smoothing Cream once a week. Supplement: Vitamin D tabletI am nearly 34 and have had acne since I was 13. I've spent a sickening amount of money on the problem and alot of my life reading about possible solutions. I've tried everything, B5, accuta
  3. So its been almost two months now. I have been happy with the results. Even though it was just ONE treatment I feel that things have really improved - but could still be better but overall I am happy and my skin is looking browner cause it is recovering from all the red scarring and not developing many new ones. I had a weekend where I got a fake tan, put on alot of makeup, was in the super hot sun all day - 8hrs, sweating, lots of drinking and usually this is a sure fire way to set off my ski
  4. Hi All, I have mild acne - e.g. I probably get one pimple every few days and a few tiny clogged lumps every day. I just had my first ALA /PDT session. After doing some research I am a bit worried because he didn't use any blue light at all! Hmph. Anyone had their derm skip the blue light part? Anyway, He applied the ALA for an hour and then shot some completely painless bright hits of red light all over my face, I couldn't feel a thing so I think this must be the replacement for the blue l
  5. UPDATE: Well its been around 3 months since i last posted. Since then i went overseas for 5 weeks to the states (LA, NY), then Canada and Italy. Im not sure if its because i wasnt as vigilent with the BP (ie/ didnt do it twice a day like before....just once a day) or if it was due to the LA smog and NY pollution but my skin went from crystal clear to absolutely the worst it has ever been in my life !! It was just incredibly persistent and constant day in and day out ! They were just very har
  6. DAY 23: Sunday Well i didnt even bother to obsess and check the mirror today. Usually i spend half the day checking my face in the mirror. And i also forgot to write in my log this morning like i always do first thing. All good signs ! I dont even remember if i washed my face ! hmmm. I will assume i did the usual routine. But i know i didnt put on the Gel thats for sure. This acne issue is becoming such a thing of the past that i dont even think about it as much lately. So i had the facial ye
  7. DAY 22: Saturday AM: Softly wipe face with a warm face cloth covered in C&C cleanser Apply a bit of Dans BP Apply Jojoba All looked very good - i thought it would be a waste to get the facial I was booked in to have. I went to the beautician and shes like 'Hey!!! Youre skin has really cleared up. Have you been using my products ?!" (erm no) I didnt dare tell her what ive been doing cause she always lectures me, "oh thats not PH balanced, thats too harsh, this that and the other, buy THI
  8. DAY 21: Friday Heading into week four now - i think the worst must be over - its been quite good ! Id recommend this to anyone. I woke up with really smooth skin - i think the salicylic acid is a good idea once a week. There is only one forehead pimple now, the other one flattened out over night. I can feel two little lumps under my right jawline and one larger one on my jawline on the left. The rest is crystal clear. If im going to still have to deal with a few pimples a week, id be happy if t
  9. DAY 20: Thursday All clear, no new pimples, just the red scarring here and there. In the light i can still see the teeny tiny pinprick sized lumps under my skin in certain areas. Hope they go away asap. AM: Softly wipe face with a warm face cloth covered in C&C cleanser Apply Eye Gel Apply Dans BP Gel to lower cheeks and upper forehead. Apply Clinique moisturiser Apply Lancome Maquimat foundation Ive been so stressed out today so by the end of the day i had one new pimple on each side o
  10. DAY 19: Wednesday Nothing new has developed over night thank goodness, so right now there are no active/obvious pimples on my face, now ive just got to deal with these red marks everywhere When i tilt my face up in certain lighting, i can see that all of my left cheek is covered in pin point teeny tiny lumps - like my right side - i just hope they go away without becoming pimples. AM: Softly wipe face with a warm face cloth covered in C&C cleanser Apply Dans BP Gel to lower cheeks only.
  11. DAY 18: Tuesday So there are: 2 scabs on right cheek from picking at my skin on the weekend, no new pimples, but i can feel a lump 'growing' just under my right eye. I dont imagine its going to get much bigger. All the pimples from the weekend have almost totally flattened out. I think im happy enough to be able to skip using the herbal concealer today and just dust over some Becca powder. yay. I reassessed what ive packed for my 5 week overseas trip, and i got rid of three face products
  12. Ok for years and years ive had this same facial done every month and it really puts me on a good run for a few weeks after - its all natural and herbal. She uses about 12 diff products while the steamer is on in front of my face and its very relaxing (unless she does extractions half way through - ouch) My next appointment is this Saturday - along with a lip wax - but since i last saw her i have started Dans Regime. Now im not sure whether to cancel the appointment - things are going well, a
  13. DAY 17: Monday Thanks Ben. All looking good, no new pimples, all the pimples from yesterday are flattening out fast, happy with it all except for the few bright red blotches on the right side from me picking the other day. My Back and neck has a few clusters of little lumps -there is a new large pimple on my lower back. ugh. Must have been from all that moving furniture and exercising. AM: Softly wipe face with a warm face cloth Apply Joey New York Sulfur face mask Apply Eye cream Apply D
  14. DAY 16: Sunday Everything is looking excellent, not one pimple, pores are looking clear, except there are two tiny red blotches on my right cheek that are recovering from my constant scratching and picking. Skin is rather 'oily' when i wake up now - what a nice change from that sandpaper dryness. Id rather oily than dry, because wrinkles dont show up. I have had my suitcase packed for a few weeks cause im going Overseas soon - i packed sooo many different face products for any emergencies. Now
  15. DAY 15: Saturday <sigh> i think i was feeling stressed last night and kept feeling my skin and scratching at the little lumps. So today i have a few little red blotches beside my eye and in the middle of my right cheek. Otherwise, all good, no new pimples - the lumps that were growing on the right side have calmed down a bit, but i can tell a few new ones will be coming up soon. Skin is not dry or oily. Its just right. Thank god. I can feel a few pimples at the back of my neck - ugh -