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  1. Id you are in the U.S and the reg doc is with Iplege, then yes. Thats how I get mine, from a reg doc
  2. 11 am here now..I just got up lol... love Sundays!

  3. nm bored and can't sleep :)

  4. Hi Tim, what's up??

  5. ty for the comment, so how is everything wit u?

  6. Tim so nice to see you drop by my profile :) Hope you're doing well. ;)

  7. My healing seems to be fine, I guess when you get a broken nose, your eye(s) blacken around them, well my right eye did, and so it cleared pretty fast. Execpt for 1 lil red mark still at the tip of my eye. But yes I will ask the Surgeon about it, im hoping that since im on a low dose, that I can do it. We will see though.
  8. Ok so I broke my nose last sunday, I didn't go to the emergency room because I figured they couldn't do anything until the swelling went down(I called), anyway's I get my Accutane from my GP, and I told him today about the possible break. He referred me to an ENT who can check on my nose, and he said I could need rhinoplasty! I do have a bump on 1 side of the bridge of my nose, and ironically its hard to breath out of the other nostril. Anyway's my whole rant is that my doc, who prescribes me
  9. Err... but you still have gotten a cumulative dose. I don't see how it can be crap. If you take roaccutane 20 mg daily for 6 months then you have gotten a cumulative dose for 6*30*20 mg. If you weren't getting a cumulative dose then you would have gotten one shot of accutane. Like maybe 80 mg at one time. And that is all.