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  1. 2 months on accutane my skin is so clear no more annoying whiteheads everyday I wish I tried accurate earlier I wouldn't have so many scars
  2. thanks for replying you give me hope. I been battling acne since I was 13 and now I have acne all over my face the only part that is clear is the forehead. I am going to be 21 in 3 days and having acne sucks!!!! I really hope accutane works for me.
  3. thanks for telling me. May I ask what dose you were on? Do you think 10mg will work?
  4. So i have been on accutane for a 27 days for acne on my face. During week 3 my skin starting itching and I started getting acne on my back I have never got acne on my back. I am only on 10mg so do you think it might be a side effect that it is working? I was so clear week 2 by week 3 I started getting huge pimples on my face that I are still there. My doctor said that I will be on accutane for a year only 10mg since I weight 50kg and I am 20 years old girl. So has anyone experience this side eff
  5. Week 3 Week 2 was so clear but week 3 I started breaking out again like in big pimples on my chin and I am itching so much over my body. My lips are super dry.
  6. Day 11 Skin is so clear I can't believe it!! But I don't know when I am going to break out again Lips are so dry I keep using Vaseline but is not doing anything.
  7. Day 8 lips are really dry Skin is less oily and I I am still getting whiteheads that I am use to getting.
  8. 1 week on accutane Skin and lips are dry then usual but not much difference.
  9. So I am a 20 year old female I have had acne since I was 12 years old.I didn't really care about acne until the acne of 16 I went to my doctor he give me doxycycline to try for 6 months that clear me up but my acne came back after I stopped. So I went to the doctor again and he said to try doxycycline again so I took doxycycline for 3 years on and off. But then I stopped my acne came back again then I started wearing make up and didn't really care about acne for a year but now my skin has been t
  10. So update on doxycycline and make up. So doxycycline wasnt doing well for my skin so I decided to go on accutane 10mg per day I am going to be to doing anther blog on accutane please follow if you need update I might post pictures of my current skin I haven't used make up for a month now and I won't be using it until my skin clears up.
  11. My doctor prescribed me accutane 7 months ago I took it for 4 days but my body hurt a lot it was only 10mg.I went to the doctor after 4 days of taking it and he told me to stop for 2 days and start again to see if my problems were cause of accutane but I was so scared so I didn't take it.its been I month since I started doxycycline. I been on doxycycline on and off since I was 15 it did help but soon as I stopped my acne came backand now I am 20 and still have acne and have lost all of confidenc
  12. been two works without make up and even though my skin has been wrost. A guy actually told me that I was beautiful without make up and it made me feel so much better. Retin a was making my face really red so now I apply it every other day. Also it has been 2 weeks on doxycycline and right now I am breaking out in whiteheads but I haven't touched make up in 2 weeks and I can not wait for holidays. I live in New Zealand so I am getting holidays in 2 weeks. Sorry for my English I will keep you upd
  13. First day without make up was really hard to look people in there eyes but made it and feel so much better and people liked me more I hope to see great results
  14. So I am stoping wearing make up even though I have a huge zit on my nose my skin is pretty bad right since red and bad scars all over the place I am on doxycycline and retin a for a week now. I will keep updating on how I am doing with out make up. It's my first day today