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  1. Can anyone recommend a moisturizer that doesn't turn your face into a shiny beacon? I'm using Cetaphil right now and my face looks greasier than teenager flipping burgers. Do all moisturizers do this, or should I put on something after to reduce the shine?
  2. How often do you change your pillowcase? I personally find that my acne will goes nuts if I don't change my pillowcase every 6 days. Have two pillows which I flip every day before going to bed. My washcloth, I haven't really found a set amount of time, and would like some advice. Exfoliating, I need to do once a day or acne breaks out worse than anything. Any other things not related to Dan's regimen that should be watched for?
  3. As disgusting as it sounds, I get huge pimples on my penis. So please make all the jokes you can think of right now.... yes my hand is attached to my crotch and I jerk off 24/7 using fried chicken grease... I recently found acne.org and have been using it to help clear my face with excellent results. Does anyone have any experience dealing with acne where it should not be?