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  1. Hi I'm really confused about this makeup thing. Normally I would research more beforehand and maybe figure it out, but I've been busy with some hobbies of mine and kind of zoned out at the moment. I've been thinking of trying out makeup. I want it to look natural. I thought I could just put on tinted moisturizer, but I did a search, and that's suppose to be a no go for oily skin. So let me get this straight from what I know. 1) Exfoliate (once a week?) 2) Toner (Everyday?) 3) Moisturi
  2. My dad used to have bad acne. My mom no acne. The same with my sister. Acne probably has a variety of factors that cause it. I think in my case, it could be credited to genes, because my acne also has mostly stopped at the same time that it did for my father. Its probably a different other factors. Maybe you have the gene, but some environmental trigger just activates it or something. I think like pretty much everything in biology, its probably a combination of genes and environment and
  3. Um, forgive me because I haven't watched the video. But is he saying that we have a large influence on our genes by the way we think? If so, what is his opinion on inherited diseases? But if he is talking about the ability of the environment (which also includes the intra and extra cellular environment) to influence genes, then yeah, theres a field of science called epigenetics that studies this. Negative thinking leads to stress, which leads to an increase in cortisol and inflammatory mo
  4. The vitamin A seems excessive and the vitamin E I don't feel necessary imo.
  5. I use cetaphil gentle cleanser. I also use head and shoulder shampoo because people have had success with that shampoo treating their body acne. Sunscreen is a bit of a problem...I don't really use it because I live in Canada and I just avoid the sun. Look for something high in zinc oxide.
  6. Stop the Retin-A for like a week. The redness will die down and your skin won't look so bad. For me, Retin-A makes my redmarks look worse then it normally is. But when I stop, my skin looks much much better. So now I just spot treat areas where my acne appears or if I see acne appearing. Then I only get red marks in those areas....not as bad. I do other things to reduce inflammation. Iceing my face, zinc, green tea, etc. Take a look at my old posts if you want.
  7. I would avoid using other acids on your face while on retinoids. Retinoids thin your skin, and any other acids might damage/scar your skin. For me, I found ACV very acidic/harsh and it would burn my skin. That was with a 1:4 ratio. Some people use the over the counter glycolic/salyicly whatever peels with their retinoids...apparently its effective.
  8. I don't think you can really chalk it up to your diet working if your taking Accutane imo. Imo it differs for different ppl. I never tried a serious diet though because imo, I don't have the time and the stress involved with managing what seems like a really complicated list of foods would kill me. I go to school, work, and live by myself. What I do is just avoid soda and milk and rely on topicals. Also take supplements. I did take 2 courses of Accutane which helped, but did not completely
  9. Your using retin-a twice daily? How does that work? Wouldn't that just aggravate your face more? Plus, retin-a deteriorates from contact with the sun. If you check some of my posts, I give suggestions of what I do with retin-a micro such as icing the face, etc. The 7-8 glasses of water is a myth. It depends on your level of exercise and body, so individually it will differ from person to person. Plus we get a large % of our water from the foods we eat. You might wanna throw in a calciu
  10. Something gentle. I only wash twice a day with Cetaphil in the morning and at night. If I have to wash during the day, I just use water and thats it. Being too harsh on your skin can aggravate it and cause acne.
  11. Any research involved with it? I would trust your dermatologist however. But I thought Retin-A micro was time released.
  12. Yup, I'm clear. Retinoids can be tricky though. I don't really post now. I think it might be the same for other ppl.
  13. hey and welcome here hahah i must laugh, wtf, is this what those stars really look like? that was just nasty... your regimen looks pretty good btw =)
  14. Okay, I need to study and I can't get caught in a debate. Sorry for initiating. I'm not going to respond anymore, but feel free to argue my points.
  15. Personally, if they develop an option for guys to also get the HPV vaccine, I would get it as well. I believe that our healthcare system takes care of the price. Though men can't contract cervical cancer, they can still carry the virus and pass it on. I'm way too busy studying to argue or go through papers, but from all of the scientific papers that I've read about it, it prevents HPV 6, 11, 16, 18 which cause 80% of cervical cancers. There are up to like a hundred different HPV viruses, but