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  1. penelopeaus21


    Hey girl! I honestly think your skin will benefit the best long term with accutane. what you're using now may help short term but it's more than likely going to come back! Whatever you choose though best of luck, ur very pretty
  2. penelopeaus21


    Gorgeous u remind me of alicia keys in this pic
  3. penelopeaus21

    I Love my left side

    Ur skin looks perfect and flawless! gorgeous!
  4. penelopeaus21

    clindamycin users

    When I first started getting pimples i got clindamycin lotion 2%, the doctor had to change the prescription coz it only came in 1% and they made it up at the pharmacy! In 2 weeks there was a massive improvement, and it worked for a couple of years then I think my skin built an intolerence towards it and it all went down hill! Then roaccutane saved my skin!
  5. penelopeaus21

    I want to kill myself sometimes...........

    Ok this might sound incredibly weird/dodgy! I had a mate with a lip ring and a few weeks later his skin broke out and looked a lot like urs now, someone suggested he took it out and within a month his skin was tonnes better! Still not sure if it was related or just a coincidence! Couldnt hurt to help even though it looks rad on u and gives u attitude! Keep ur progress posted, best of luck!x
  6. penelopeaus21

    Necromancer 1

    oi use a but less product in ur hair! instead of the glasses try a headband or something go go go DO IT!!! haha ur skin is hot
  7. penelopeaus21


    HAHA im sure all u did was party
  8. penelopeaus21

    from the front you can't really see any scars...

    u sure can't! All i see is beautiful eyes and a hot sexy biatch!
  9. penelopeaus21

    Yet another.

    She's sooo soo right! I seriously only learnt this weekend if u like someone, u like their flaws too, it's hot and so r u! HAHA I wanna give u a cuddle looking at this pic!!
  10. penelopeaus21


    That is the shit right there! look at the improvemnt, its only going to get better, you will feel amazing when you're all clear! your progress is perfect!!
  11. penelopeaus21

    4 Months. Front

    fuckin hot
  12. penelopeaus21

    6 weeks post tane

    beautiful eyes, great results so far too!
  13. penelopeaus21

    Getting a lot better

    u look like megan gale here, gorgeous
  14. penelopeaus21

    doxy 11 months.

    Don't you look gorgeous! your eyes are piercing! ur gorgeous ( i realised i said that already)
  15. penelopeaus21


    very cute young man!!
  16. penelopeaus21

    June 19th, 2006

    Gorgeous! what an improvement
  17. penelopeaus21

    Day 51 - Right

    great progress ur look really great!
  18. penelopeaus21


    your skin is looking pretty good how long do u have to stay on it for?
  19. penelopeaus21


    How unfair for you, you do have gorgeous features though i agree, can't wait to see you clear!
  20. penelopeaus21

    Fruits....Please help

    yeh definately try to eat more vegies than fruit, less sugar so probably less irritation
  21. penelopeaus21

    Gross and sweaty after a long day at Disney.

    can you put that gross and sweaty pic away! sickkk! u look gorgeous, a natural cutie
  22. penelopeaus21


    Thats a massive improvement already, ur a stunner!
  23. penelopeaus21


    Yayyyyyyyyyyy! how lovely your skin is glowing
  24. penelopeaus21

    Me before my acne came back :(

    very hot!
  25. penelopeaus21


    I love your hair & eyebrows, ur skin looks great too