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  1. When I first started getting pimples i got clindamycin lotion 2%, the doctor had to change the prescription coz it only came in 1% and they made it up at the pharmacy! In 2 weeks there was a massive improvement, and it worked for a couple of years then I think my skin built an intolerence towards it and it all went down hill! Then roaccutane saved my skin!
  2. yeh definately try to eat more vegies than fruit, less sugar so probably less irritation
  3. Maybe you could try using less products. Just from my recent experience. I was accutane for 4 months a few years ago, and now i just use a mild soap and if i get pimples i use a bit of clearasil (which has 5% bp) and it seems to keep it calm and doesn't irritate it. I spent years trying EVERY product and i for me the simplest things work. Just a suggestion though, best of luck
  4. Wellllllllll... when i was at uni last year 50 bucks was a sweet deal and id do anything for it,so for a whole week i ate nothing but marshmellows and of course drank beer, aside fom feeling incredibly sick and hungry i got really bad pimples on my chin, which i never used to get so i think the sugar and lack of any form of normal food definately effected my skin!!
  5. hey champ wel cetaphil isnt even a prescription wash in Australia. i think accutane is the best long term treatment. if u think about how long u have been trying different products, i used accuatne for 4 motnhs and i only get the occasional pimple now, it's definately worth it!! so many people try so many different products and get more and more disappointed. best of luck though, good to see some fit/active people on this site
  6. I've got natually blonde hair and have been dying my hair/eyebrows pretty much every 2 weeks. i used to get it done at the beautifcian but even they make mistakes. i genereally get a few qtips ready for my brows dip one in water, the other with hairdyde and go for you brows if u get on your skin use the water one straight away. funnily enough bp fades any that gets no your skin, or toothpaste left on overnight! good luck
  7. Hey all, I was just thinking of the things i've learnt aboout makeup and figured its the same for guys. I only ever really wear concealor on any pimples or redness then a bit of blush and eyemakeup, but one thing that is really important to get a natural look is to moisturise and start with a really small amount, and put it on lightly. Best of locuk xx
  8. Could not agree more, if u like someone u cant help it!!! if they have any flaws, u dont care, thats the thing, everyone will find somebody who doesn't give a shit bout the acne, and just cares about the person kinda optomistic but its true!! there are some really awesome people out there!!!