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  1. I had an appt with Dr. Rullan last week and he has definately revolutionized the procedure since he first began performing it 3 years ago. He has incorporated the possibilties of subcision, injection of fibrotic scars with Kenalog/5-FU for the more resistant scars, and oxygen therapy after the mask is off. And of course, he also opts for silicone fillers to fine tune once you are done with exoderm. I have to admit, he seems almost or AS committed to acne scar revision as we sufferers are. I
  2. Maya, How's your TCA complex/EGF coming along? Is your skin healed? Or is it still red? Did you spot treat or do a facial? Sorry a/b all the Q's, but I'd like to do the same tonight but I have a convention to attend in 8 days and would like to look relatively procedure-free. Do you think it's a good idea for me to go ahead and try the complex followed by the EGF tonight? Thanks a million!! Reilly...I'm sooo happy and impressed by your improvement. It's very encouraging!! We need
  3. Dr. Sharon Meyer Farris is his new partner. She primarily is full time there now as Dr. Yarborough has cut back his hours. That is why I was suspicious that he might retire soon even though his staff denies this. She also is a very good dermatologist and may have her own line of cosmetceuticals...not sure, though. She didn't do dermabrasion a few years ago, but may do it now as she has been working with him for the past few years. Hope that clears things up. Minnie
  4. I was in school in New Orleans at the time I had the procedures done (one full facial and one partial) and he charged me just for the cost of the supplies (which was was NOMINAL). At the time he didn't even know me very well. Since then we have become good friends. Dr. Y isn't just a good practitioner, he's an amazing human being. I think he felt sorry for a young girl with acne scars. And my scars weren't even that bad!! So if you really want him to treat you, don't let money be the issue
  5. I had dermabrasion twice by Dr. Yarborough and did not have any problems with hyper/hypopigmentation. However, I'm lighter Asian...Type II-III, so there was less chance of pigmentation problems. Hope that helps. Minnie
  6. Not to refute you, Maya;), but Dr. Monheit just wrote brief commentary on the article. It is originally Korean. Just wanted to give credit to where credit was due:) Minnie
  7. Hmmmmm......... Maybe it would be a good idea to fly him to the US and have him do a "group" consultation. I think I might email him myself as this possibility has got me excited!! Minnie
  8. The drug can also be used for tension headaches and I get them all the time from work. My doc was willing to prescribe it. It was only $12 bucks for 3 months supply. Took my first dose today. Migraine headaches are another indication. At low doses the medication is pretty safe and well tolerated. Still need to get your liver function checked every once in a while. If you are willing to accept the risks, your doc may prescribe for you. Good luck!! Minnie
  9. hey guys, I think I'm going to start taking the medication at low dose. I'll let you know if it works. Minnie
  10. Maya, I did "full force" 100% TCA for the 2nd time 2 weeks ago and after completing the procedure, I, too, noticed the spillage on my fingers and it burned for quite some time. I was terrified!! However, after 2 weeks, my fingers are finally healing and my face is looking good. It was so bad, that I had a blood blister on my finger. I'm a medical resident as well, and use TCA once in a while for my patients and was very concerned a/b what had happened, but it turned out fine. I'm sur
  11. Maya, How are you doing in general and how is the progress on your skin? Are you continuing to see improvement after your second treatment? And when is your third? I just completed my second treatment and am looking like I have rosacea right now. I did a few more spots than the last time and am having a more difficult time concealing myself when I'm out. Going to work tomorrow may be difficult, too. However, I know the trade-off is well worth it, because, like many, I also have seen b
  12. Maya, Are your spots actually forming scabs or dark spots?? Very few of mine actually formed scabs. Most of them are dark spots. I don't know...maybe I didn't apply the toothpick long enough. :-k
  13. Maya, I've been following your progress and am very happy for you!! I applaud your courage and hope you continue to have further success. When you are applying the TCA, do you hold it on the scar for 10 seconds and then place antibiotic ointment on it afterwards?? Thanks for your help.