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  1. I just finished my last clearlight treatment last week. The treatment I received seems a little different. This one had a light attached to the end like a vacuum and it stung like heck. It was used as a spot treatment instead of the basking one I've seen on the website. Week 1-4 I noticed my pores shrinking and my skin less oily. I use to get the afternoon grease on my face and it was ugly. Week 5 had a tremendous breakout but was not discouraged. Week 6-7 I started to heal with some scabs d
  2. I found an asian herbal tea not drank by westerners to completely heal me. My father woke up with some red marks on his face and his business associate recommended it. He did it and 2 days that red mark healed to brown. then the next day it was nearly invisble. I tried it and all my red marks are fading fast and no new cystic acne! I had one or two white head but they seem to be different when I pop them. I also use Tazorac in conjunction to this. Tazorac alone didn't work too good. I'm amazed a
  3. Yes. Tazorac at night and SA in the morning. I don't apply it on the same spot so I don't seem to get irritated.
  4. I use salycilic acid on my nose and chin and mainly my T-zone. I also use tazorac for my cheeks and outer forehead. I don't use it for my nose or T-zone area. That's how I took care of the white head problem. I use Neutrogena Salycilic Acid gel. The instructions says to put it on for 5 minutes 3-4 times a week. But I use it every morning for about 5 or more minutes and I've seen very good results along with Tazorac. Cyst is gone from tazorac. Blackheads and whiteheads under control with SA.
  5. I don't know how it is for you Sickofthis. I consider my skin quite sensitive. I leave it on all night till I wake up. I notice waiting 30 minutes after I wash my face before I apply it seems to work best. I have only had minor irritations with Tazorac. I tried benzoyl peroxide and Salycic acid and to me these are more irritating. Also the soap you're using might be too irritating. Also I'm using the 0.1 percent cream. I hear the gel is more irritating FYI.
  6. I only use it at night when I go to bed 20 minutes after I wash. I use Johnson's baby wash to wash my face which is the most gentle wash I have found. If it does flake a bit in the morning and I use lotion or sunscreen if necessary.
  7. I went off it for 2 months thinking I was cured. That really screwed me up because I broke out badly. The worse breakout in my life. I was feeling very depressed for 4 months. Now I'm back on it and things are clearing up. Be aware it takes 6 months to completely heal and the process is very slow. My advice don't get off it for more than a week. I didn't even bother looking for this site when I was cleared. Then I started breaking out from bad to worse. I just wished I didn't get off it. It g
  8. I just killed a jacket. The collar is now all orange when I first started dans treatment.
  9. don't go to the dermatologist.. or better yet, don't get accutane, it's not meant for lips, it's meant for pimples
  10. I looked at some shirts I wore in the summer and I notice they are bleached on the inner collar. I use to think it was bleach leftover from previous laundry but I realize it must be benzoyl peroxide. Is benzoyl peroxide still active when you re wet it by sweating or by rinsing your face? What is the best preventive measure to not destroy your clothes?
  11. It hurts so bad when I sleep on my left side with this zit there ouch! I couldn't do much facial expressions too the other day cause I had one growing between my brows. And when I get it on my nose I can scrunch it or it will hurt.
  12. Me too. This time it broke out at its worse. Just when I got my life together and ready to conquer the world it hits me.
  13. I saw it at either Savon pharmacy or Rite aid.