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  1. XxXxXmeXxXx

    Taking the simple routine. My simple log.

    SO! It's something like day 32... I think lol. I've been on the simple routine for aaages but, besides random clear days, I've discovered my skin is staying relatively the same. I must say that around day 15 there was a major clearup and I was very proud but then I went on holidays to Wexford with my friend and then Mayo and my skin routine pretty much collapsed... and now I'm back at school I can't help but wear makeup everyday so my skin has gone veeery downhill. In fact its quite near the
  2. XxXxXmeXxXx

    Taking the simple routine. My simple log.

    So! It's day 9 today! A couple of days ago I used pore strips to try and clear some blackheads on my nose and chin. I got worried later though after reading that you should avoid using them on areas that also have spots. I thought I might have major breakouts or something! Quite the opposite, actually... Although I won't be using them again till my spots are mostly cleared (they always say instructions for reasons...) it definitely gave my skin a boost. There was only a small difference in
  3. XxXxXmeXxXx

    Taking the simple routine. My simple log.

    I don't tend to have a problem with my neck- it's actually mainly my t-zone- but it drives me crazy. It's day 4 or 5 (I'm not sure) today and I've noticed a slight improvement but nothing major. My chin looks a little clearer but that's it. I haven't noticed a dramatic increase either though so I'm not worried- I'll be waiting another good while before deciding if this thing works for me. So far there's a good chance it might... and all that money I wasted on cleansers...lol. Anyway good luck
  4. XxXxXmeXxXx

    Taking the simple routine. My simple log.

    Day 2- My spots seem less visible but they are still definitely there... I suppose I shouldn't really be expecting much of a difference on the second day... ah well. XD Oh yeah. I'm wondering- I'm thinking of investing in benzoyl peroxide but I'm not sure how I should go about finding it.... should I just go to a pharmacy and ask if they have any products with 2.5% bp and then just use the product the way it is shown in the clear skin regimen?
  5. AM/PM Wash with soap and water- pat dry. Moisturise with Nivea Visage young moisturiser That's right. Im ditching all cleansers, toners and medicine in favour of plain old soap and water and moisturiser. My previous routine involved cleansing rinsing moisturising and exfoliating and took absolutely ages. And now, months later, I've realised that I was simply not getting the results I wanted. My acne is light to moderate- several spots- mainly around the nose and t-zone and lots of sm