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  1. That's what i used to say to give myself an excuse not to eat healthy and since i was skinny i didn't bother with having a healthy diet but seriously you need to make some researches because the gut has everything to do with acne! Ever wondered what causing those hormones? I forgot to mention that my poor diet was causing a hormonal imbalance and when i fixed it i fixed my hormones too you should give it a try + my acne wasn't that mild my face was covered with zits whiteheads and blackheads and
  2. Guys that's my first post here and i want to share my experience with you so i can help anyone who struggled with acne like i did. For the past few years i always had acne on my cheeks it wasn't severe it was barely seen but still i wasn't satisfied and was trying to get rid if it,looking at my skin back then i had the perfect skin and what's ironic i didn't like my skin and saw that tiny pimple a big deal not until 8 months ago that my face erupted in cysts on my chin and cheeks and forehead a