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  1. Hi guys! Question... For all of those suffering from hairloss due to B5 - Is your hairloss in a regular pattern? ie - male pattern baldness areas for males... crown of the head for females? Or is it in other, more irregular places as well? I've been taking B5 for a while. It has literally cured me of acne and restored my life. I love it. I've read about the potential for hair loss and have made peace with it. I don't care about being bald. If that's what it takes to be clear, I'm totall
  2. Thanks for the reply Wishclean! I certainly appreciate and understand your concern. However, I am fully aware of all of the potential side effects. I have read a plethora of info regarding this already. I decided that I am willing to accept any side effects that come my way being that I am COMPLETELY CLEAR of my acne. I haven't been consistently happy or confident in years - I am now - My quality of life has improved drastically. So I say bring on the hair loss. I'll take baldness over acne
  3. Hi everyone! I have been suffering from acne breakouts for nearly a decade. Usually mild but always consistent. Occasional cysts. A couple months ago, I decided to try megadoses of vitamin B5... 9 grams daily... It has worked absolutely incredibly. For the first time since I can remember, I am not afraid to look in the mirror when I wake up. I haven't had a breakout since about a week in. Anyway... While not a dealbreaker per say, I have been experiencing stomach aches as a pretty consiste
  4. Hello all. I'm 26, have been suffering from acne since about 16. It's always been pretty mild, but it is ALWAYS persistent. At any given time I've always got 3-4 inflamed whiteheads on my face. I've always despised it. But now that I'm an adult, I just can't do it anymore. It kills my self esteem, motivation, etc. Can't ever feel confident on dates, professional situations, etc. etc. etc. You guys know. Anyway. After much research I've decided I want to attempt a daily regimen of 5mg Accutan